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Betting sites are plenty and need a lot of attention for avid bettors. These types of sites attract bettors as they post several odds that promise great payouts. You should always look out for them and make sure you get the best. That is where we come in as a service.

We have compiled the best betting sites on the website and prepared them for you to use in the future. See them now!

Popular Betting Sites in Asia

Singaporean sites give you a wide array of sportsbook odds from multiple sites. Here is a list of the popular betting sites in Asia for your reference:

WBET Sports

One of the best sports providers, this website is always updated with several odds for many kinds of betting types. These betting types include Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Parlay.

Because of their many odds and available live streaming of the games as they happen.. You would always find yourself coming back to this site all day.

UG Gaming

This betting site is filled with several odds that are precious to many bettors. It has a simple interface that makes it easier for you to do the betting when you feel it. There are odds that could help you get high payouts in Asian, Over/Under and Parlay bets.

Saba Sports

Saba also is one of the more renowned betting sites, having a betting platform that is a big hit in Asia. This is a platform that offers Asian Handicap, and the usual parlay. It also offers varied odds that can guarantee a big payout. You could also play other betting games here such as RNG Keno and lottery. Play great here, knowing you have the best that Asia could offer!


Dedicated to eSports, this platform helps you bet on gamers and make your fortunes off of them. You could bet on the latest results on various eSport tournaments and games that include LOL, DOTA, Call of Duty , NBA 2K and other eSport imaginable. This does add a whole new dimension to sports betting!

Sports that Singaporeans Usually Bet On

Online Singaporeans usually bet on sports such as football, basketball, cricket and horse racing among others. These sites attract people who would like to win more cash. These sites allow you the opportunity to have more winnings

  • Football – Popular leagues to bet on include the Premier League, La Liga and Champions League. Every game has its available odds, including the corners and bets of who will score the first goal. Half time and full time best are also available.
  • Basketball – Basketball is the next most popular sport, and also has a huge following in Singapore. The National Basketball Association in the US has a huge following. The point spreads in the sport and the total score are usually bet on.
  • Cricket – While the country is not yet firmly a powerhouse in the sport, cricket also has a following, especially on the national level. The Indian Premier League is the biggest league in cricket, with all superstars of the sport participating in it.

Payment Methods

These sites allow you to deposit money using convenient methods. They have options to deposit and withdraw using major banks in Singapore. eWallets and credit cards are also accepted methods.Lastly, some companies are also accepting cryptocurrency for money to use on these sites.

Bonuses from Betting Sites

Betting sites could also give you bonuses that you could use towards placing more bets in sports. You could also regain lost wagers with the free bets offered by these websites.

While you are placing more bets, it could also be risky. Make sure that you bet only within your bankroll to avoid experiencing a massive loss of money.

Betting Odds

The betting odds featured on this site are of three types: decimal, fraction and moneyline. In SG the most preferred method is decimal. This is because you simply need to multiply the amount by the wager to know how much you will get in the payout.

Check Out Our Betting Sites Now!

With plenty of sports betting odds, betting options and prizes galore, our offering of sites will give every Singaporean the total gaming experience. Read more in our site for the betting possibilities available to you!


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