Blackjack is one of the more exciting card games in casinos, be it the brick and mortar variety, or the ones offered online. This game between banker and dealer has captured the imagination of gamblers all over Asia, including Singaporeans and Filipinos. Unlike live baccarat, wherein you can choose between the player and the dealer whose hand will win. Many are drawn towards this game because it involves intellectual skill. Nowadays, you could also play blackjack over the Internet and also get the feel of a real casino, thanks to online casinos throughout Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau, the Philippines and the rest of Asia.  We have also included reviews of Asian-based casinso like BetVision, Red19 and K9Win for you to be able to choose which of the gaming sites fit you.

Blackjack Online Preview

Blackjack is a card game between a dealer and a player (although a dealer can play with many other players simultaneously). The objective is to add all of your cards to try to beat the dealer, with 21 as the highest amount and without going over. On a blackjack table, a banker deals two cards to a player and for themselves. Both the players cards are face down, while the dealer has one card facing down and another facing up. The player the checks their hands and decides whether to play it as is against the banker,  or gets a third card and so on to increase the value without getting busted. 

It is a thrilling game, and very unpredictable; no two draws are ever the same. And that’s what makes live blackjack as popular now as it was back then!

With live blackjack, you have a real table, with real cards and a real dealer. The only difference is the playing is done online. You will still gamble with real money, which is stored through cloud on the website. You also share the table with players from other parts of the world, and you are all playing against the banker. 

Live Casino Blackjack Reviews

We make sure that feature only the best casinos in Singapore and Asia in the making of this review. In going over the different available casinos, we checked the following criteria:

Live Dealer Quality

  • We make sure we only have game providers with the best and most professional dealers in our portals. They should be professional, and at the same time, friendly. This is not only with regard to the blackjack games; this also extends to other live casino games like roulette, poker, bacarrat, etc.


  • After winning, you would want to withdraw immediately. We have checked the sites and all of them provides speedy and safe withdrawal for Singaporeans, Malaysians, Filipinos, etc. The deposited amount also has secure cloud encryption so that you can always see that your money is there where you left it.


  • We make sure not to give out information. We consider protecting personal information as a priority. From the encryption of your personal information when you register with the site, down to your payment details, everything is safe and secure with the sites in this review.

Quality of website 

  • There should be a smooth website, as not all players would have quality connections. The live casino should also be able to load easily despite your connection, and should not buffer when the connection slows down.

Compatibility to all Gadgets

  • Not all web-based casinos can be played on both desktops and gadgets. In doing this review of live dealer blackjack casinos for Singaporeans, Vietnamese and Filipinos, we checked if they also have a downloadable app, and if the interface conforms to the device the game is being played in. We also check the smoothness of the apps and easiness of use for bets, bonus redeeming, deposits and payouts and more.

Reasons to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack is a great and enjoyable way to gamble online because of many good reasons. Allow us to enumerate each one of them:

  • The Games Are Not Rigged

One huge concern casino players have with card games like online baccarat, poker and even blackjack is that there may be some fixing involved. However, we would like to point out that the blackjack casino games we feature are not rigged. We have gone through all the dealers with the providers, and they have trained to properly gameplay and not chear the system.

  • Play with a Real Human Dealer

One of the more enticing things about playing live blackjack is talking with an actual human being through a webcam. Serious players would always want the warmth of an actual dealer interacting with them for card games like poker and baccarat, compared with a computer.

  • You Could Choose the Dealer

Not only do you get a human dealer when playing in the casino, you can also choose the type of dealer you want to play with. With just a click, you can pick a blackjack room with a dealer with the ethnicity, gender and style you prefer. Doing so will make gambling more enticing for you.

  • Security and Safety

Playing blackjack also involves playing money. If you are more inclined to bet at a brick              and mortar casino simply because you feel your money is safer there, you need not worry with the casino offerings we have, because they have state-of-the-art security measures so that you feel 100% safe while playing.

Strategies for Doing Well in Blackjack

When you are continuously playing blackjack at an online casino, you will experience spells of good fortune, but then you might also have successive losses. As a player, you want to make sure you win more than you lose. When playing live dealer blackjack, either online or on a casino, make use of these strategies to increase your chances of winning at a card game:

Hitting or Standing – If you have cards that are low, they add up to an amount far from the 21 that is required to win. For this, you have the option to hit to get a third card, so you can increase your card number and try to beat the dealer’s hand. However, once you get to around 11 upwards, you should think twice about hitting again, and opt to stand.

Double Down – After receiving your first cards you have confidence that you will beat the dealer, you could increase your bet by as much as 2 times the bet.

Split – If you at first are dealt cards of equal value (8 & 8 or 3 &3), you have the option to split them. After you split them, you then play them as separate hands. In this way, you have a chance to increase your odds on a bad pair, with each hand having a different total of its own.

Surrender –  After receiving the first two cards from the banker–if you think you have a bad hand compared to the dealer, you could choose to surrender. This would imply that you would be refunded half of your bet and the dealer keeps the other half. It would be okay to do this wherein you are faced with a bad combination. You can opt to do this if you have a bad combination, and the dealer is showing an ace or 10. 

Insurance – Insurance simply means that you are insuring yourself against the dealer possibly having a blackjack. Once you see the visible card of the dealer having an ace, you could make a side bet wagering the dealer will have a blackjack. The side bet is separate from the original bet. This is to even out the money you could lose the dealer gets a blackjack compared to the money would get from your bet. You have to be careful, however, as this bet could lose in the long run.

History of Blackjack

As a very simple game to play, and having deep origins, blackjack is one card the game that maintains high interest from the public, just like poker. It evolved from a French game known as Vingt-Un (Twenty One). The card game became very popular not only in France, but in Europe. It then spread to America where it also became a hit, and the casinos in Las Vegas added a spin to the game and put a higher prize on a card displaying a black ace and a jack of either clubs or spades (which equates to 21), or a “black jack”. This small change renamed the game, and the winning combination was expanded to include any ace and face card combination. 

Live Blackjack Online: Desktop and Computer

Since you can now access the web almost anywhere with a signal, you too can play blackjack using a gadget. Play mobile black and other versions of blackjack featured on this site using your smartphone or your iPad. What’s more, the game perfectly conforms to the device via the browser or the app, giving you the total blackjack experience!

In this review, we’ve specifically included blackjack games that would require at least a 3G connection to play, but the games are best experienced in WiFi for smoother flow of the livestream, and on-time response when making bets. A couple of them also offer free demos so that you can warm up and practice your playing skills; so that you have total readiness when you try your luck at one of the blackjack rooms

Blackjack Casino Bonuses

To entice users to play blackjack on their sites, online casinos offer welcome bonuses. Gaming sites commonly offer a bonus for joining. While selecting the gaming websites to include in this review, we also checked the promotions, including the joining incentives, cashback and rebates, as well as the VIP memberships and tiers. After that, we narrowed them down to the casinos that have legitimate welcome offers for those who want to play blackjack live, so you can be sure you only get the best sites for gambling here. From 100% cashback on a weekly visit to the blackjack table, to birthday bonuses, these casino sites have the right perks to keep you visiting!

Payment Options

Depositing and withdrawing real money into the system in order to gamble is a huge concern among live blackjack, baccarat and roulette-playing Singaporeans and Filipinos. The gaming sites we feature have secure payment methods that make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds whenever you play. From accredited banks to eWallets like Skrill and Neteller, we have properly vetted the sites here in order that you get genuine, hassle free payouts when you play with us.

Impeccable Customer Service

Of course, these sites won’t leave you hanging if you feel there is an issue with the live blackjack, the payment or even the bonus promotions. All of these sites have 24 hour customer service available that will attend to you immediately. Whether you want to talk by phone, email, messenger, or live chat on the site or app, they are ready to respond. For Singaporeans and Filipinos, these agents can also serve you in multiple languages to make the communication easier.


Is live dealer blackjack actually live?

Live dealer blackjack is true to its description, because the action is taking place live, and streamed to your browser or app by the gaming provider. It is also being streamed to the players over the internet as you make your bets, and the table and banker is taken from several different angles to show the authenticity of the stream.. So, you are assured that everything is taking place in real time.

Is playing live dealer blackjack safe?

Yes, playing blackjack online is safe. You also get, as a bonus, seeing the dealer from a location meant to evoke a real casino. The game has also undergone stringent requirements in order to carry out the game. 

Is live dealer blackjack rigged?

The live blackjack offerings we have are not rigged as others may claim. They undergo testing by independent bodies to ensure fairness. You can also disregard that they are rigged if they are from reputable providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Can live blackjack dealers hear you?

Most games have a dealer that interacts with the players by responding to questions or statement typed in by the players into the interface. The live dealers won’t be able to see you, but they will be able to read your messages. They will reply whatever you type in verbally. In some instances, you won’t see what the other player has typed in, but the dealer will respond to them anyway.

What’s the best way to beat live dealers at blackjack casinos?

Here are some of the tips to win at blackjack casinos:

  • Choosing a game that has a low house edge (e.g. 3:2 payouts for blackjack hands, double down with all totals, dealer stands on total of 17, etc.)
  • Learning a strategy by researching sources on the Internet.
  • Try not to use the “bet behind” option (betting behind another player in a fully seated table) unless for entertainment only.
  • Accept free blackjack bets offered by the casino.
  • Don’t get carried away by chatting with the dealer.
  • Manage your bankroll by allocating a budget on your buy-in and establishing the best stop-loss limit for your play.

Play Blackjack Now with Our Premium Live Casino Sites!

Now that we’ve explained to you our live dealer casino blackjack review, feel free to look at each site and find one or two that you’d like to play in. Many Singaporeans and Filipinos can vouch for the awesomeness of these sites, which also offer bonus promotions to make your gaming experience pleasurable. Even if you decide to play online baccarat, roulette and poker later on, you can rest assured that you can get the best experience, as these sites promote safe and secure gaming, as well as a 24-hour customer support service with a wide variety of communication channels. Go now,  and play live dealer blackjack like you never have before!


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