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BBIN – The Name For Every Trusted Online Casino Singapore

Taking over Asian markets over 20 years, BBIN is a leading iGaming supplier in the Southeast Asian region. This supplier in the trusted online casino Singapore industry actively manages local markets, ensuring effective operations and market presence. Apart from that, you could also innovate technology-driven solutions for clients of the casino business.

BBIN actively boosts its assets in market savvy and creates cooperative partnerships between Europe and Asia. So, they can establish a strong presence in the region. It continues to move on into greater arenas as it forms new arenas in the best online betting site industry.  Let’s get to know more about this acclaimed game provider.

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BBIN History

BBIN was founded in 1999 during the onslaught of the best online betting site creation. It is a representative of a company that has withstood everything in the best online casino Singapore industry. And while its presence is mainly in China, it has also gone into Japan, Korea, Indonesia Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

It has also gotten acclaim from the International Gaming Awards in 2018. BBIN also grabbed the Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier award. Before that 2017, BBIN took home the Asia Gaming Awards 2017. They have also been taking part in international events since 2015. Moreover, BBIN is sponsoring world-renowned sports and entertainment matches, too. Additionally, this top iGaming supplier is forging alliances with teams in various fields which include racing, football, and eSports.

Recent Feats

This year in 2023, BBIN launched its motto of excellence. BBIN has introduced its “Go Bet Go Better Motto” for the new year. And, highlighting its commitment to tackling new challenges with resilience and audacity in 2023. Their goal is to become the top online betting site in Asia. In line with this ambition, BBIN is intensifying its efforts in both development and supply to enhance its offerings.

Here is a detailed list of achievements that the BBIN-trusted online casino Singapore has listed so far:

  • EGR B2B Awards 2023 – Shortlisted
  • Asia Gaming Awards – Nomination 2023
  • GA Gaming Awards – Nomination 2023
  • Sigma Awards Europe
  • Spice Philippines – Nomination 2022
  • SBC Awards 2022 – Shortlisted
  • Global Gaming Awards – Asia 2022 – Shortlisted
  • EGR B2B Awards 2022 – Shortlisted
  • GA Gaming Awards – Winner 2022
  • Global Gaming Awards London 2022 – Shortlisted
  • Europa Gaming Awards
  • SBC Awards 2021
  • EGR B2B Awards 2021 – Shortlisted
  • GA Gaming Awards Winner 2021
  • Global Gaming Awards London 2021 – Shortlisted
  • Gaming Labs Certified

BBIN continues to make waves today in the arena of the best online betting site in the Asian region. Earlier this year, the best online casino Singapore company was shortlisted for the Asia Gaming Awards. It was also honored as a finalist for the EGR B2B Awards 2023, recognizing it as among the best suppliers in the trusted online casino Singapore industry.

BBIN – Changing The Future With Gaming

BBIN gives a comprehensive list of Live Dealer Games. It is all the same for live games to keep consistent on the board. The visual design is among one of the best, putting together elements and patterns to show the great spirit of life. 

Also, for the past 20+ years, BBIN online casino Singapore has become huge in the industry attaining 1,000+ employees and 200+ games developed. Their selections are also Gaming Labs Certified, a testament to their devotion to quality in the best online casino Singapore development scene.

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Games Offered

BBIN has one of the most complete Live Dealer and slot game selections for the best online betting site in the region. They have a great selection with standout graphics and additional features that the best online casino in Singapore could benefit from. Let us look at the many game offerings that BBIN has for players of the trusted online casino Singapore.

BBIN Live Casino

BBIN is renowned for the live dealer casino games it provides. The interface mirrors that for all live games on the best online betting site for consistency all over the board. BBIN has a user interface that keeps gamers alive everywhere in the world. The screen is divided into four parts. The central part of the game is where people place bets. The punters on the trusted online casino Singapore may also keep track of past games, view a high-quality feed, and also a close-up of the cards or wheel or whatever they are viewing.

Other selections include mah jong, blackjack, se die, roulette, blackjack baccarat, and more. These live casino games on BBIN in Asia will keep you on your toes at the best online betting site. World-class rooms, reflecting the look and feel of land-based casinos in Vegas, Macau, and even the Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, host these games. The operators carefully screen dealers to ensure they are not only attractive but among the most professional in the best online betting site scene.


Jackpot slots are among BBIN’s specialty, which features the best around the world. Famous titles on the best online casino in Singapore abound, with precise designs by the company’s in-house development team. The sounds are also one of the most explosive, delighting players  

Titles include Divine Crossbow, Three Kingdoms, Fruit Bloom, and Chie Wei Tai Chou. All of these BBIN games are expertly designed, with realism that is similar to what you may find in a land-based casino in Singapore.

Brand new arcade-style games such as fishing games may also be found at BBIN. You may test Fishing Master, ANI Pop, and Anger Airspace your arcade experience at the best online casino in Singapore. These games help you perfect your skills while you take control of your winnings at the trusted online casino in Singapore.

BB Luck Games

Another huge genre for BBIN games is the luck games. These games on the best online betting site are very huge in Asia, compelling BBIN to make a huge selection of luck games for their players. More than 20 of these games happen to be on offer. The biggest ones on the best online casino in Singapore include BB Running, BB PK3, 10 10 Ball, and Happy 10. For a great scratch card game, you may also try the Treasure Pot Game.

While these games usually rely on the luck of the draw, it wouldn’t hurt to try them out on the trusted online casino Singapore. Now and then, it is nice to check out if you will win or not. Just make sure that you do not chase your losses on the best online betting site until you lose a big amount of money. BBIN games will continually remind you to play responsibly.

Pride In Corporate Social Responsibility

BBIN gives Corporate Social Responsibility a special priority in BBIN corporate value and culture. As explained on their website regarding the trusted online casino Singapore, it places a premium on employee welfare, social contribution, and commitment to lessening carbon footprints. They are also contributing to solving the environmental crisis, a unique move for the best online betting site.

It is encouraging to hear such sentiments from a renowned player in the industry, as it demonstrates that the online casino Singapore world is not solely focused on profit. There is also caring involved on the part of the players of the trusted online casino Singapore. BBIN also only partners with the best online casino Singapore in the region which emphasizes security by white label solutions, and has reputed money transfer methods for the interest of their players.

Be In With BBIN!

All in all, BBIN have proven to be a force in the best online betting site front, pouring a great amount of development in their work, which has resulted in them reaping tons of awards. Their games have become fixtures in the trusted online casino Singapore, and they will only get better as they explore new ways for punters on the site to profit. Check out BBIN’s selections of the best online casino in Singapore today!