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Best Online Casino Singapore 2024

Online Casinos in Singapore are perhaps one of the most significant developments from Internet technology and the gaming industry. Gone are the days that you would rush to one of two casinos in Singapore such as BetVision to try your luck with your money. Nowadays, you will find several casinos online everywhere. These casinos are especially popular in Asia; a lot of people love to gamble here and there are many people who love to wager as well. But with a lot of them in the market, you want to watch out for something with good quality. Moreover, people will be more enticed to place their bets where all their favourite games are available.

Here in our Singapore casino guide page, you will not only see the different varieties of Internet casinos.  We also look at how to choose in which casinos where to put your wagers in. Next, we will see how one casino could be different from another. In that way, we determine which gives you a glorious Internet online gambling experience. To understand the different casinos reviewed, we will dig deep into the Singapore and Asian Casino gaming experience.

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A History of Asians and Gambling on Online Casinos

People in Asia are known to be one of the most serious gamblers in the world. They even make up part of the $2 trillion global betting industry. Many Asians flock to casinos to try their luck now. Today, with more people staying at home and having access to the Internet almost anywhere, they could now play their favourite card table games, roulettes and slots in the convenience of their homes with trusted online casinos.

Singapore and Malaysia, for example, have their own laws governing casino playing. Singapore for example has regulatory authorities for its gambling. These include the following:

  • The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore: This is a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs. They check the gambling in
  • Gambling Regulatory Unit: This is also under there NHA and it oversees slots and remote gambling activities.
  • Future Gambling Regulatory Authority: Only created in 2020, it was created to control gambling activity in Singapore. Here, the Singapore Police Force will enforce against illegal gambling with the Ministry of Social and Family Development

Because of the wide demand for top online casino Singapore, gaming sites like BetVision, Wclub888 and Red18 began to appear in the region. Today, it is a thriving business, with millions of people logging on to the sites and placing their wagers.

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Are These Online Casinos in Singapore Legal?

We are committed to giving you not just comprehensive online casinos, but also trustworthy ones. Bettors may have concerns if going to online casinos is legal or not. That is why it is important that we address this concern.

Before we get into the specifics about legality, know that online betting covers a grey area. This area is not covered by the national laws that most casinos cover. Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in Asia enforce strict gambling laws, so online casinos provide the workaround for this. Furthermore, they usually have an offshore license which would allow them to do business. Most of these licenses are registered in Europe. Thus, you can be certain that these sites’ operations have been vetted by a genuine gaming commission.

Do you want to to double check if the Internet online live casino you are using has a license to operate? Online casinos in Asia usually have a mark from the following licensing bodies:

  • UK Gambling Commission – it is an executive non-departmental public body of the UK. The commission regulates gambling law in the UK, covering casinos, arcades, and lotteries. 
  • Government of Curacao – This regulates online live casinos gambling, land-based gaming and various online gaming organizations.
  • Malta Gaming Authority – This is a gaming authority from the country of Malta. It regulates gaming services in its country as well as online gambling.

The information regarding the licenses is usually provided at the bottom of the casino website. Cross check this information to ensure the legitimacy of the website. Once you are aware of this, the casino patrons can experience hassle free gambling. They have a better experience in gaming and online markets compared to state-run gambling entities like the Singapore pools. At the same time, the gambling laws tend to be blurred and not fully enforced.

Process in Choosing Which Online Casinos To Feature

In selecting the Internet casinos to feature, we have a  selection process that checks all of the boxes for premier sports betting and gaming sites. You always go all out when you bet. So we too go the extra mile in judging the best casinos in the country.

  1. We specifically look for online gaming sites that have tailored services for bettors in Asia.
  2. We then apply as a member and check out the different features of the online casino real money. These range from games, mobile compatibility, VIP offers, range of games and sportsbooks and customer support availability.
  3. Once we have checked the whole site and tried out all of its offerings, we make an objective review of the casino. We highlight all of its key properties, good or bad. In creating a review, you can be assured that we do not resort to articles on the web. Thus, you have a 100 per cent truthful account of the casino website’s experience.

After thorough analysis, we then publish the list of the best casinos online for Singaporeans to see. You would encounter the usual titles such as Mega888 and 918Kiss, as well as renowned brands like BetVision and ECWon. However, you will also find hidden gems such as K9Win and ECL Bet featured on our pages. You’ll also read up on exciting up-and-comers like Maxim99 and WClub888. Discover casinos with many opportunities to win as you go through our page!

Characteristics You Need to Look Out for in Online Casinos

Online casinos usually have criteria people will look for when determining which one is the best Live dealer casinos, for example, have to give their users a place for winnings and grow their initial deposit.

Furthermore, here are some criteria you would like to keep in consideration:

  • Safety and security of deposit methods

You will be dealing with real money in the online betting site, so you have to ensure that they are adhering to conventional money-storage standards before entrusting anything to them. Do the trusted online casinos support banks in your area? Does it also support other convenient methods? Are there also corresponding fees when you make deposits?

  • Design of the website

How a website looks is a reflection of its services. You need to see if your casinos online are legit judging by its appearance. How well are the buttons positioned on the website? Are the licensing and certifications presented well on the website?

  • Streaming of live casino games

Are the combined digital and video setups for the table games going along well? Are there no delays whenever the dealer opens their mouth to take or stop bets? Minor hitches in online casinos streaming could be a hassle to an otherwise wonderful gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming for Online Casinos

Another criteria to consider is the evolution of mobile phones. This phenomenon has truly changed how people interact. Mobiles have evolved into smartphones where people could now play free casino games on. Gone are the days where you would be limited to a brick-and-mortar place in the Philippines; you could now play baccarat, a slot game or roulette from virtually anywhere you wish!

Casino gaming straight from the mobile has allowed users to play their games on the phone. These live casinos have an app made especially for them so that their users could play in their own convenience. Moreover, the apps/site are responsive, so the games can fit in the phone when you try to play them.

Availability of Games

The games that you can access on the platform also matter. The best world class casinos offer options of electronic games that every player would take to. These include slot games and fishing games. They are also manufactured by reputed manufacturers such as BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, NextGen Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming to name a few.

Jackpot trusted online casinos would also have the offerings you’ve always liked,

These including favourites such as baccarat, roulette, craps and more. Some developers also put spins on the usual games, such as adding multipliers. In this way, bettors could get more money off of their bets.

Variety of Live Casino Selections

  • Card Games and Special VIP Rooms 

Website casinos pride themselves in giving the casino experience with card table rooms. You get the card table as it appears in real life, and an interface for the game being played. This ensures that the online casino game you are playing is of the highest quality. Also, since the live casino is gadget compatible, you could now play it via smartphone or tablet.

Betting limits also vary on these games. VIP sections usually ask for high buy-ins, around in the hundreds. But there are also other games that have buy-ins as low as 5. Moreover, they do not require you to wager as much. The most popular games in our casino selection include the following:

  • Baccarat

Live baccarat is one of the more popular games in any online casinos for real money. It’s one of the most played games in Macau. You too can also be part of the action in any of the casinos listed here. The point of the game is to choose which between the banker and the player is the closest to 9. Those with the gift of intuition will find this game to be a challenge

  • Blackjack

Even if it is familiar to most players, the thrill of playing blackjack remains the same among all trusted online casinos clientele. The player and the banker compete by recording a higher number than the other without going over 21. The blackjack rooms in our casinos usually have both VIP and common rooms, and speed blackjack editions for low bettors.

  • Roulette

The roulette is a classic game that thrills anyone who wishes to play it. Thanks to the online casino, you could now experience betting on the roulette from wherever you are.

Whether you’re guessing the exact number from 0-6, to speculating which colour the ball will end on, you’re always on the verge of excitement.

  • Sic Bo

Having originated in Asia, Sic Bo has developed a larger following. It is now being played in casinos all over the world. In this game, three dice are rolled around in a glass jar. There is a table describing the possible outcomes that the dice will reveal. It is very similar to roulette, but it has a very Asian flavour to it. This explains why it is one of the more popular games on live casinos today.

  • Mahjong

This is a Chinese game that makes use of multiple tiles and invented in the 19th century. Mahjong has also become a popular casinos online game. It has also undergone variants, both as a traditional game and a slot game. Lucky Mahjong Box is one example of this variant.

This online casinos game involves pitting the dealer and player against each other. In order to win, one card must have a higher value than the other. What makes it exciting is that even a tie could win this game!

In these types of games, you also have to understand the betting limits set for each room.  Roulette and Sic Bo usually go for as low as $1, while baccarat and blackjack start at around $5. Bigger games such as poker often have higher buy-in, starting at $50-$100. The buy-ins are displayed on the selection screen, so you will know what you’re getting into. Once you’re there get set to place your bets, chat with the dealer and everyone else, and gamble away!

What’s more, our casino providers have high standards for dealers and bankers at their games. In the casinos we’ve featured, you will easily take to our dealers.  They are professional in hosting the game, responds to online chats, and are also highly trained in their craft.

Game providers featured in the casinos in our site include the following:

  • HO Live Casino – an online gaming destination with various live rooms, available in Classic and Grand Mode 
  • SA GamingThis provider has an easy to navigate interface, plus has the information seen onscreen. There is also a Euro and Asia Hall with corresponding dealers.
  • Big Gaming – Another Asian based provider with authentic live casino atmosphere and local dealers. This platform has an easy to use interface that you will enjoy.

Electronic Online Casino Games

Not everyone will also be playing at the tables in casinos such as Red18. There are also a great number of people who like the challenge of a slot game and getting lucky when they form a line across the game. And whatever the theme of the slot game, these games elicit joy from anyone. When you come upon an online casino with 300 of these kinds of games consider yourself lucky. The winnings for you will be endless!

Looking for more action? The fishing games from providers such as EvoPlay and CQ9 display your arcade game skills. Bets come in the form of shots for capturing fish, giving you winnings that offset the money you wagered.  Moreover, many of the games are intuitive. They have brilliantly designed small and big fish, and weapons with explosive firepower. If you chance upon an online casino with a wide selection of the best fishing game, it feels like hitting the jackpot.

Here are just some of the electronic games on online casinos:

  • Cai Shen Fishing Game – a Chinese inspired fishing game. The god Cai Shen is the producer of the biggest price.
  • Legend of Kaan – a Central-American jungle-themed game that is full of surprise winnings.
  • Ellen’s Fortune – a game inspired by Irish luck stories, including leprechauns and pots of gold.
  • Animal Quest – it has a vivid color display and brilliantly designed animal items. You’ll be wanting to spin more on this lovely slot game!
  • Video Poker – A spin on the traditional poker game, usually in the Jacks or Better style. Video poker will have your mind guessing on which cards to hold or fold.

Sportsbook Betting Feature of the Online Casinos

If you’re an avid follower of sports, you know that you can make money through predictions and betting on odds provided by the sportsbooks on casinos online such as K9Win. Odds are updated daily, and the stakes are unpredictable, especially when the games are ongoing. Well-known game providers in the region include Saba Sports, WBET and UG Gaming.

Singaporeans are among the most passionate sports lovers in the world, especially when it comes to football. The Premier League is the most watched competition, with Manchester United and Liverpool having a strong following. Likewise, the National Basketball Association also has a solid fan base, mostly from the Philippines, with LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors having the most fans. Games involving NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry also draw a lot of wagers. Lately, eSports have also gained a following in Asia, with many playing in a wildly competitive setting.

The best sportsbooks sites in online casino Indonesia, Singapore and the rest of the world have all of these events covered in their daily odds.

Sportsbooks offer high-stakes odds that promise large payouts if you guess correctly. Minimum amounts for these bets could start at $5, with the maximum usually pegged at around $1,000-2,000. You can choose from among Asian handicap, Over/Under, 1×2 or parlay betting and many more! And when you’re successful, you just need to wait and collect the payout when it comes.

Safety and Security Provided by the Website

All sites in online gaming in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are particularly careful about the security of the site. They want to make sure they deliver on their promise to bring clients the best games. So, to properly inspect if a site fulfills safety and security needs, look at the following:

  • Safety in Online Banking

Renowned gaming companies will exhaust all means to make sure both your data and deposited amount are protected. One of the methods is a two-step verification and authentication check. This shows that you have full control of the real money you have deposited in your gaming account.

  • Fair Play Offering

An honest-to-goodness and highly reputable online casino won’t take hidden fees or any suspect amounts from you. Your gambling website should be transparent regarding your transactions, Also, they should show the history of the bets you have placed on the website.

  • Security Certifications

Our site also checks online casinos in Singapore and Philippines, if they have any security certifications. Basically, any protected site would have the SSL Encryption Technology. They should also show the related security packages from other such companies.

Loyalty Programs

Brick and mortar casinos have established their brand through VIP and Loyalty programs for their clients. These programs entice people to continue using the live casinos. Other rewards people could get include cash backs, rebates and discounts when they wagered on a specific promotion on their site.

For online gaming sites such as Mega888, their loyalty programs should stand out from the rest of their competitors and tell their clients why the program is better suited to them. The more effective the messaging, the bigger the points for the SG online casinos.

Other characteristics which you should check when looking into an online casino’s loyalty and VIP program include the following:

  • Are there customer services like games and bonuses?
  • Is there a designated customer support representative to attend to your needs. If so, how often are they there? Are they there 24 hours a day?
  • How does the site offer the comp points? How are they when compared to redeeming the comp points.
  • What are the VIP tiers on the site? How long will it take to advance from one tier to the next?

With regard to the bonus proms offered by the online casino, you should also be able to tell:

  • If there are other offers aside from the welcome bonus.
  • How often promotions are done by the website.
  • How convenient is the redemption of the bonuses
  • Who of the members could claim the bonus? Does it include new members or just the VIP ones?
  • If the money for the promo can be used only for playing, or if it’s withdrawable

Examples of bonuses you can get from the best online casinos in Asia include welcome bonuses, betting on specific sports events such as the UEFA Champions League, World Cup and EUROs, betting on certain games such as baccarat, blackjack, seasonal promos for summer, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Hari Raya and more!

Channels of Communication

The channels of communication for SG online casinos allow the users to relay their concerns to the casino owner. Users may encounter problems such as transferring and withdrawing money, difficulties in playing a game, and so on.

Thanks to advances in technology, casinos online now have several ways to get in touch with their players. Communication channels that great online casinos utilize in their operations include the following:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • Social media
  • Online messenger

Any reliable online casino uses any of the channels listed on this page. This is to ensure that their clientele get their concerns addressed in the fastest possible time.

The professionalism and courtesy shown by the online casino staff also matters. Agents should be knowledgeable when it comes to the service. Before diving straight into the service, message the casino representative. This is so that they can answer your questions straightaway. Also, the availability of the customer support should be taken into consideration. Gamers come from different time zones all over the world, not just in Singapore and Vietnam. An agent must be on hand if there is a pressing issue from any of the bettors.

Only the Best Listing of Online Casinos in One Site!

With this guide, we’ve made it easier for you to locate the best online casino. Once we think a casino is sketchy, we already disqualify it from our review. That is why you can expect that the casinos:

  • takes steps towards privacy and security
  • ensures smooth transactions with your real money
  • gives you a wide variety of games you can responsibly wager on 
  • provides you crystal-clear casino interfaces on your desktop or on your device
  • and round-the-clock customer service system that supports a wide range of communication channels.

Just feel free to check out our online gambling sites. Check out every section so that you can carefully select the best site to invest in. And remember to always practice responsible gambling. Best of luck to you!