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sports betting

Sports betting is one of the forms of gambling Singaporeans engage in when they go to websites. They love the thrill of being able to bet on games that they love, and they are follow the games religiously, trying to test their luck on what the results will be.

With regards to sports betting, here is what you will learn from this site:

  • Selecting the most reliable betting site
  • Legality of online betting in Singapore
  • Banking and payment options
  • How to place bets online on mobile

Read on to know more about sport betting here.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is gambling on the specific outcome of a game. It entails entering into a bookmaker’s office and transacting with them the odds of the game. Unlike regular sports betting, you only need to go to your regular spot on the web and wait for your winnings. 

Characteristics of an Ideal Sport Betting Site in Singapore

While there are many kinds of sporting bets sites, there are only a select number that could provide sterling quality. Here are the criteria you have to consider for your trusted Singapore website:

  • A huge range of providers and odds

You need to have a page with a huge range of odds to choose from. From there you can select the page that could give the best value for your prediction.

  • Bonuses offered by the page

The bonus offered by the casino in Singapore is different per site. Nevertheless, all of them aid you in earning a bigger amount when you play.

  • State of the Art customer support and live chat

The site you choose needs to have a reliable customer support service that is available all the time via live chat or social media. With a high-quality service, you need not be wary of problems, as they will be solved quickly. 

  • Site Security

When playing, you want to ensure that the site complies with security measures for the safety of the person’s data.

Sports Betting Odds in Asia

To learn more about how sports betting odds work in Asia, we first have to learn about the different types of sports betting:

  • Moneyline Bet

In this type of bet, you are picking a team to win to straight up. Here, the favoured team is assigned the minus sign (-), while the underdog has a positive sign (+) before the number. For this type of wager, you need to select the favourite verse the amount you will win if you pick the underdog.

For example, in a game, Chelsea are favoured to win against Arsenal. The moneyline could appear to be Chelsea (-140) vs Arsenal (-125). This means that you can win $100 if you wager $140 on Chelsea if they are victorious, and you can win $125 if you wager $100 on Arsenal. This type of sports betting is most common in the US.

  • Asian Handicap

Asian handicap or point spread betting is a type of wagering that originated in Asia and utilized in many sports, especially in football. When we say handicap, one side has a virtual lead compared to the other side.  Just like in the moneyline bet, the favoured side is given a negative or minus value, while the underdog is given a positive or plus value.  Here, there are several handicap betting options, known as lines. The 0 value is a straight up bet; however, bets like -0.25, +0.25, -0.50, +0.50 and so forth assign values that level the playing field for bets. Below is an example of a table for an Asian Handicap Line:

  • Over/Under Betting

This sports betting type is made based on the combined score of the two sides in the game. Bettors usually bet against a number set by a sportsbook; what they bet on is if the total score is above or under that score. For example, there is a match between host Barcelona and visitor Atletico Madrid. The basis score given by the sportsbook is 3, with the odds of the final scoreline being over 3 is 1.78, while the odds of the final scoreline being under 3 is 1.83. Let’s say the final score is 2-2. The total of this score is 4. Even if it is a draw, the ones who placed an over-3 bet win. If they bet $100, they will receive a payout of $178.

This type of bet is not limited to full time on sportsbooks; wagers are also accepted for halftime score, which promises winnings despite the final result of the actual score.

  • 1×2 Betting

This is a straightforward sport betting system that is used in football. There are three bets: 1 is a bet on the home team, x is a bet on a draw, and 2 is a bet on the away win. There is no point spread to contend with, and it aims to reflect the odds of every possible outcome minus the bookmaker margin. For example, in the above bet between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, it ended in a tie, so whoever bet on X will win.

  • Parlay

Parlay betting is one of the more exciting sports betting types, as it combines the above bets into a huge wager. Typical parlay bets include a point spread, money line bet and over/under bet.

If you place more bets in a parlay, you can win more money, However, if one of your bets loses, you lose everything. Thus, while it is enticing for bettors because of a huge payout, it is hard to win and very risky because a loss could hit hard.

Lots of Sports Betting Websites to Choose From!

Sports betting adds the thrill of watching and following sports with the prospect of making real money out of the outcome. This is why many Asians love it, and many sportsbooks on casino sites in the region make it a prime offering on their pages. 

Here on our site, you will find casinos that partnered with the best sportsbooks in Asia, including MaxBet, WBET, SBOBet, UG Bet and many more. These cover all the major football leagues and other sports leagues in the world, and offer betting odds for every game.  Their secure system and trusted payment gateways also make sure that you can do trouble-free wagering on your favourite sports. Come check them out now, and cheer for your team while you await your winnings!


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