Fishing Game

Fish Game

A fishing game is one of the games you would expect to spot at an online casino. One of the newer kinds of casino games, this makes use of arcade game tactics while playing a regular betting type game. It is a type of game that makes use of betting while winning money in return. 

Origin of the Fishing Game

The fishing game is an innovation of betting game. What’s more, there is money involved.  It involved shooting at fish to get points and win money. In this type of game you shoot at.

The first ever game of this sort was the Japanese Golden Slot Fishing game. In this iteration, the cannon type was selected first. After this, you multiply the number of fish and the number of cannons. Lastly, you aimed at the fish twice and hit them.

How to Play Fishing Games

Fishing games promise a thrill that is Here are the different steps how to play fishing games:

  • Select Your Bet – Select your bet first based on a fish. You are given several choices on the screen, with a bet level accompanying them.

  • Shoot at the Fish – You then get an underwater setting wherein you have to shoot at the fish as much as possible to catch them. Look out for power-up to strengthen your catching, as well as bet multipliers to prop up your cannon.

  • Get the Cash Prize – The more you aim at the fish, the stronger you will catch it. Catching one, get you the value of the fish in your balance.

Fishing games may be confusing at first, but through practise on free versions of the game, you will get the hang of it. After that, you can start devising techniques to be able win more and get your betting worth when playing these games with real money. 

Techniques to Win More Money

While fishing games almost follow the same principles as slots, you must have a special way of approaching them. If you want to win more in a fishing game, you have to follow these techniques:

  1. Pay close attention to the fish. These games are not like slots where you can just shoot carelessly. You have to focus your aim on the fish and capture it in as little tries as possible for lesser betting and more winnings upon capturing the fish.
  2. Utilise different shooters. These bullets may have more costs, but they could help take out harder fish.
  3. Fish vary in value. Don’t be deceived by same size fish; they could be different in payment. Prioritise fish that will give you more winnings, like sharks, large stingrays, etc.
  4. Steer clear of blocker fish. Don’t waste your ammo on huge creaters that swim very close to your gun.

Providers of Fishing Games

These types of games are wildly popular in Singapore and the rest of Asia. This is the reason why there are numerous providers that supply this type of game. We have listed down for you the software companies that manufacture games that most casino sites use for the exciting type of fishing games we have.

  • CQ9

A renowned provider of giving Asian style games, CQ9 prides itself in the high quality of the games they produce, including fishing games. Their most renowned titles include One Shot Fishing and Paradise Fishing.

  • JDB Gaming

JDB, or Just Do Your Best, are an Asian provider which specialises in multiple entertainment games, including Fishing, Slot, Arcade, Card and Lottery. They offer a wide variety in their fishing game offerings, with titles such as Fishing Disco, Dragon Master, Fishing Yilufa, 5 Dragons Fishing and Cai Shen Fishing, to name a few.

  • Big Gaming

Big Gaming, or BG,  is one of the leading game providers in Asia. They have impeccable quality and secure fishing games, which include BG Daisen Fishing, BG XiYou Fishing, and BG Fishing Master.

Mobile Friendly

Not only could you play these fishing games on your computer; you can also access them while on the go! Just download the casino site’s app on mobile phones and tablets, and you could play an optimised version of them. Most apps support both iOS and Android, so you won’t miss out on the action in the most in-demand games of the genre.

Fish to Win Now!

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