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Blackjack is a game that’s been around for centuries, and it remains popular today. Part of the reason for its ongoing popularity is that it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The other part is that blackjack dealers make errors all the time. If you want to play blackjack professionally, it’s important that you understand the blackjack dealer mistakes and how they can affect your game.

One thing we should clarify before we get into this topic: not all online casinos use human dealers anymore! Some online casino Singapore has gone completely digital with their games. So, if you’re playing at one of these live casino in Singapore, then none of these tips will apply. It’s because there won’t be any people involved in your game at all!

For example, you are playing blackjack against another player on your phone or computer screen instead of against another person sitting across the table. Then, none of these tips would apply since there aren’t any real people involved in your game either way! But if you’re playing against someone else face-to-face in a land-based casino, then yes—these tips will come in handy!

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Common Blackjack Dealer Mistakes To Keep An Eye On

There are many mistakes that a blackjack dealer can make. The most common ones include:

  • Incorrectly calculating pot size.Dealers must be able to calculate the amount in the pot accurately to pay out winners and collect from losers.
  • Dealing out of turn.This occurs when a player has already placed a wager before their turn at bat. Instead, the dealer must still wait for another card before acting on their hand (i.e., hit or stand). This causes uncertainty among players who believe they have been overlooked by mistake. Also, this blackjack dealer mistake slows down the game. Everyone must wait until the dealer corrects the error by handing cards from where they should have been dealt initially. Then he must pay off any hands that have been affected by this setback!
  • Dealing with the wrong position on a table.Some casinos require dealers to know not only how many decks were used during play, but also which deck was used last. So, they don’t hand out cards from an empty deck!

Types of Errors

Four types of errors can occur in blackjack:

  • Errors Of Commission

These types of errors are mistakes made by the dealer. For example, you may have a hand that is worth more than 21 and the dealer mistakenly hits it.

  • Errors Of Omission

These types of errors are mistakes made by the player or other players at the table. For example, if you forget to tell your friend that he has been dealt an ace when he has not yet had time to act on it. And, thus could have gotten away with hitting his hand.

  • Errors In Communication

Referring to the previous situation, this would be considered an error in communication between players rather than one committed by either player individually. In such situations where neither party committed any real wrongdoing but both parties were affected negatively by their actions/inactions (or lack thereof), we call these situations “errors without blame.”

  • Errors Due To Judgment Calls

These include situations where there is no clear right answer. But rather, there are several different options available depending on what information each player has available at any given moment during playtime. These kinds of things usually happen during games. Furthermore, it can occur before/after, as well as during breaks between games. Blackjack errors may also happen when teammates may debate over whether particular plays should be done based on their own unique experiences playing together before!

Avoiding Blackjack Dealer Mistakes

  1. Proper training.All blackjack dealers should be trained in the proper procedures for dealing cards. In addition, live blackjack dealers should also learn how to handle any situations that come up during play.
  2. Pay attention to the game. To avoid blackjack dealers’ mistakes, they should pay attention to the game. A good dealer will always keep an eye on what’s happening at their table. As a result, they can make sure everything is running smoothly. This includes paying attention not only to what cards are being played and dealt with but also to how players are behaving (and whether they’re cheating).
  3. Double-check calculations.Every time a dealer makes a calculation related to bets or hands, they should double-check it with another member of staff before proceeding further with the game. There is nothing wrong with double-checking—even if it seems like nothing could go wrong!
  4. Developing good communication skills.Communication between players and dealers is key for avoiding blackjack dealer mistakes. Do you have questions about anything related to your hand or bet amount–or even just want some friendly banter? Then, don’t hesitate from asking!

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How to Deal with Blackjack Dealer Mistakes?

Are you a blackjack dealer and you make a mistake? Then, apologize to your players. If you’re new and don’t know the rules of blackjack, take a moment to review them. Furthermore, verify bets and change as needed if there is an issue with payments or other components of the game.

Responding to Player Complaints

When a player has a complaint, you should listen to them and verify the complaint. If it’s valid, review the rules of the game and adjust payouts as needed.

How to Spot a Cheating Dealer?

The most common way that dealers cheat is by dealing themselves a good hand. If you see your dealer dealing cards to him or herself, it’s time to walk away from the table.

Other ways of cheating include:

Switching cards in the deck when no one is looking. This is done by placing an extra card on top of another and then removing them both at once so that no one sees what happened. It’s not uncommon for dealers to use this method when they have an ace up their sleeve. And they want another card with which they can make their hand higher than 21 (the maximum).

Simply monitor how fast or slow a dealer shuffles between hands. By doing so, players who know how cards are organized after shuffling them might determine what order certain cards were brought back into play. This gives them the ability to predict whether a certain hand will be advantageous or unfavorable before it is handed out onto tableside surfaces!

Preventing Cheating On Blackjack

  1. Rotate dealers.Most Singapore casinos rotate their dealers, so you can get a new one every few hours or so. This helps prevent any one dealer from becoming too familiar with your playing habits and therefore more likely to cheat against you.
  2. Use multiple decks.A single deck of cards has 52 cards in it–one for each possible combination of suits and numbers (13 spades, hearts, diamonds). When using multiple decks at once, there are far fewer possible combinations: only 26! This is beneficial if they wish to mark off your cards or otherwise cheat against you by knowing what they are in advance (which is very tough). Also, there will be less information available for someone to base their judgment on. * Monitor the game carefully during playtime. Then, report suspicious behavior immediately if anything seems off.*


You should be aware of the common blackjack dealer mistakes, and how to avoid them. The most important thing to remember is that the dealer is not your enemy. He or she wants you to win just as much as you do! Treat him or her with respect. Moreover, tip them generously when appropriate. Furthermore, make sure he or she knows what’s going on in the game so that nothing gets missed.

If you want to play blackjack professionally, it’s important that you understand these mistakes and how they can affect your game. If you are a newbie, you must become familiar with the basic blackjack strategy. This will help ensure that your game is as fair as possible. Additionally, this will help prevent any accidental cheating on the part of either party.

The most important thing is to keep an eye out for these errors so that they don’t cost you money or ruin your fun at online betting Singapore. If you’re playing live blackjack online, it’s even more important that you pay close attention to the dealer’s actions. Some of these mistakes can be detected by watching their hands closely. Whatever kind of blackjack you’re playing, make sure you’re aware of any potential problems and can avoid them effectively.

Blackjack Dealer Mistakes FAQs:

What Follows If The Blackjack Dealer Makes A Mistake?

Simply put, if a dealer makes a mistake, whether it’s to the player’s or the house’s advantage, it may and should be remedied. This can be done by the dealer, floor supervisor, surveillance, or player. This is standard procedure in most, if not all, casino jurisdictions.

Do Blackjack Dealers Ever Manipulate Cards?

In a nutshell, dealers are pretty unlikely to cheat. Cheating dealers, known as “Mechanics,” on the other hand, can modify the cards. They can “stack” the deck or change it to produce or preserve a specific sequence of cards to be dealt.

Do Live Blackjack Dealers Commit Mistakes?

Yes, blackjack dealer mistakes are unavoidable. However, if a dealer makes a mistake, whether in favor of the player or the house, it can and should be addressed by casino personnel. This comprises the dealer who makes the error, the pit supervisor, and the surveillance. It is also possible for the other player to correct it. This is common sense as well as policy in most, if not all, casino jurisdictions.