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Doubling down is one of the most popular moves in blackjack. However, not everyone could do it right. There are times that someone would fail in a double down deal.

This is when you double your bet in the middle of a hand, after receiving one card.

The problem with this is if you are dealt a low card, you could not longer repeat and lose twice as many chips. Today, we will be giving you guidance on how to double down in blackjack effectively well.

What Does Double Down Mean?

To double down is to double a bet after coming across the initial cards of a player. In this case, another card has to be drawn. This is a move that is applied mainly to blackjack.

It is seen as a power move, as it is a vote of confidence in your hand. After you increase you bet by a 100 per cent after betting, you have to stand after selecting another card.

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Reasons to Double Down

Here are the different times a blackjack double down makes sense

  • Having a total of 11

The reason for this is you have a great chance to get 21, or get a score next to that number.

  • If you have a soft16, 17 or 18 (this implies that you have a card and an ace).

You should only double down in this case if the dealer has a lower card. If you have a higher card, you’ll be in okay shape against the banker.

  • If you have a hard 9 or 10 (This means a hand without an ace)

You only have to double down if the dealer has a lower card. You are urged to stay with what you have, although you could improve your hand with one card.

Where not to double down

You should not double down if the dealer reveals an ace. There is a big chance that they will get a blackjack. There is also a strong chance that they would end up with a total next to 21.

If you are not sure, play safe and bet as you normally would. Those who double down tend to lose money at a huge rate. But we advise you to risk it if you are a way out in front.

How to Imply That You Will Bet Double Down

Making a double down bet would require you place a stack of chips next to the first bet. The stack has to be equal value to the first bet.

Alternatively, you can inform the banker you want to double down, and signal with one finger for one more card.

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Before Doubling Down: Take Note of These Signs:

  • Casino Rules

A lot of casinos such as maxim99 casino often allow doubling down. This is only when they have cards that total 10 or 11. Other hands of value will be permitted to go on as normal, unless you could split.

  • The Value a Banker Can Deal Up To

You have to pay attention to this factor, as this will have a saw of how likely doubling down will result over 21.

A lot of games have the dealer hit up to 17, while others hit up to 16, so there may be no chance they go over 21. If there is a bigger chance to exceed 21, so should consider a double down blackjack bet.

  • The Card the Dealer Reveals

If the dealer checks whether an ace or 10-value card is seen, there may be no blackjack. This makes it higher for you to double down. You will be able to see who has blackjack, since the hand will stop, and everybody loses.

Concerns About Double Down Betting

  • Could you double down after a hit?

Most of the time you could not double down after hitting, since it give the player a huge edge over the casino. Nor could you get insurance or split; you can’t do anything other than hitting again.

  • Can one double down after a split?

The usual casinos don’t allow double down after splits, but there are online casinos that make this happen. If you are allowed to double down, use that original process for normal hands.

  • How many cards will you have when you blackjack double down?

You will receive just one extra card in this case; don’t presume that you will get many. In fact you could end up with a low total if a low card comes out of the dealing.

  • Is double down betting allowed on 21 in blackjack?

No, this is not allowed. If it was, every person would do it. But if you get a lucky blackjack, you get paid straightaway.

  • Is a double down bet always required on an 11 hand?

If you are up to playing double down on an 11 hand, you should. If you casually play, this is a great way to make money in blackjack.

  • Is double down advisable on a 10 hand?

This would depend on the card the dealer shows. If they have a 10-value card or ace, you could consider doubling down to avoid them beating you if you get a nice hand. If they have a hand that is 6 or lower, doubling down should be considered.

Double Down Betting – Something You Could Use!

As an intriguing move in wagering, the double down system is a way in order to either improve your chances in winning blackjack, or hasten the risk of doing so. So always think well before you plot your move and double down, so that you may be rewarded greatly when you play!