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Football odds Singapore is a great betting choice for Singaporeans. These are lucrative for people who want to enjoy sport and make a quick buck of it. It is a great venue for varied betting, and people who practice it find it lucrative.

How did the sportsbook betting trend for Singapore odds football started? Which sports leagues do live Singapore football odds cover? And apart from football odds SG, what are the popular betting types in the region? Also, what are the best practices in betting on these odds. We’ll try to answer more in this article.

What Started Football Odds Singapore?

Online football odds Singapore has its start even before the city state became independent, with gambling made legalized in 1923. Apart from football, horse racing was popular for wagering. Because of the rampant gambling happening, the government took action. Laws were passed to make Singapore football betting odds and other sports odds illegal.

The government designated a special body for handling betting activities, known as Singapore Pools. For horse racing, the government created the Singapore Turf Club. In 2005, two casinos were established in the country for betting, with live Singapore football odds offered on the Singapore Pools website.

Today, there are more websites catering to the online football betting odds community in Singapore. They also offer convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money for betting, as well as offer special promotions. While some may seem suspicious, many are trustworthy and secure enough. And yes, it is legal to engage in betting in these websites, which offer more sportsbook football odds SG than Singapore Pools.

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Leagues Live Singapore Football Odds Bet On

There are many popular leagues that Singaporeans usually bet on for football odds SG. The European leagues usually get the most attention in the online football betting odds community in Singapore. Here are some examples:

  • English Premier League: This is no doubt the most popular league for betting football on. This features some of the most valuable clubs in the world including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.
  • La Liga: The premiere Spanish league in the world. The league is mostly centred on El Clasico or the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. However other clubs and matchups are popular too. These include Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Real Betis.
  • Serie A: One of the classic leagues in Europe, the Italian first division boasts of storied clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Players compete for the scudetto the highest honour in Italian football.
  • Bundesliga: This is the German top tier football competition. Although football odds Singapore favourites are Beyern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, other competitive clubs have also sprung from this league.
  • Ligue 1: Home of French European powerhouses Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille, this is a league that features its share of superstars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe 
  • UEFA Champions League: The premier competition in Europe, the UCL features all the domestic top teams in the past season as they compete to become champions of Europe. Real Madrid is the most successful club in the competition, but other clubs such as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester United have excelled as well.
  • UEFA European Championship: Also known as the Euro in short, football odds Singapore also pick this as a popular choice for odds betting. Here you see all the players in your favourite European clubs don their national colours and compete for the most prestigious prize in the continent.
  • FIFA World Cup: The FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer competition in the world, so a lot of bettors also participate here. From every continent, all teams compete to be the ultimate football champions. Brazil, Germany and Italy have the most championships among them.

Common Types of Football Odds Singapore

Odds appear in different forms, depending in which region you are betting. While decimal types of odds are the most used, fractional and moneyline odds have been in practice for so long as well, that there are sites that still prefer them. Let’s now look at the most popular odds types.


These odds are in number form, so they are easiest to understand. For every dollar you bet, you get the amount on the odds. Used often in Europe and Asia, bettors know immediately what they stand to win when they bet. There are also variations of the decimal odds in Asia, such as football odds Singapore, Malay Odds and Indonesian odds. We will discuss more about them later.


This certain Singapore football odds type is common in the UK. It pits the number you have to pay against the amount you can win from betting. For example, for a 9/1 odd, you would win nine dollars if you bet 1 dollar, as well as get 1 dollar too for a payout of 10 dollars total. In reverse, there are also “odds on” selections which appear like ⅜ or 4/9 (meaning if you stake $8, you win $3 for a total payout of 11.

MoneyLine / American

The moneyline bet is also the American odds. There is a number with the values “+” or “-” assigned to it. If the figue is positive, the Singapore odds will indicate how much money can be won on a wager of $100. But if it is negative, the moneyline odd will indicate what amount you need to wager to win $100.

For the convenience of people, we will use decimal odds to discuss Singapore football odds.

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Differentiating Between Regional  Odds

For websites that cater to Singapore, there are plenty of options that can be used for betting. These are usually in the odds most familiar to the catering market. Here are the different odds Singapore uses:

Malay Odds

Malay Odds are either in positive (+) and negative (-) features. If the odds are “0”, it is an exact 50/50 bet, paying out 1/1. Let’s see how these odds work in an example wherein Liverpool plays Manchester United

Example bet 1:

Liverpool to beat Manchester United, Malay odds +0.2

Payout: stake * (1 + Malay odds) = $100 * (1+0.2) = 120

Winning: Stake * (Malay odds) = $100 * 0.2 = $20.

Example bet 2:

Manchester United to beat Liverpool, Malay odds -0.45

Payout: Stake * (1-1/Malay Odds) = $100 * (1+1/0.45) = $322

Winning: Stake * 1/Malay Odds = $100 * (1/0.45) = $222

Indon Odds

Indon odds are more similar to Malay odds than they are Singapore football odds.  They too have positive and negative odds. More similar to American odds, the numbers represent odds of the wager but are based on one unit wagered.

Positive Indo Odds: These apply to the more unlikely bet and an odd represents how much units you will win for every unit wagered. For instance, an Indonesian odd of 3.00 (shown as “+3.00”) for Arsenal in a Chelsea v Arsenal match means that you will win 3 units for 1 unit wagered if Arsenal wins. If you add this to your wager, you would win 4 units overall.

Negative Indo Odds: These are the opposite of Positive bets. They have a “-” symbol. This time, you see the number needed to bet to win one unit. For this reason, they are used for the stronger team. For example, an odds of 2.50 for Chelsea means that you have to bet 2.50 units to win 1 unit. Your total payout if you win will be 3.50.

Tips for Betting on Singapore Football Odds:

Now that you have an idea on the different online football odds Singapore, you can test wager on them to have a deeper understanding of how they work. Luckily, popular sportsbooks providers in Asia such as WBET and Saba Sports have options to toggle between Singapore football odds, Indo odds and Malay odds in their website. You can type in the amount for free in the betting box to see how much you can win if you put a bet on the odds.

If you are just starting out, here are some things to keep in mind when betting on football odds Singapore:

  1. Allocate a small bankroll for gambling. While there is such a thing as “beginner’s luck”, it doesn’t always happen. That is why to lessen your risk of losing a lot, allocate just a small amount for betting first for football odds SG. Apart from the website that your betting on, you would also need to transfer money to the sportsbook. Say you have $100, it may be best to transfer $20 to the sportsbook first.
  2. Start out small. Keep your bets to just a minimum amount. Many high rollers have found luck in placing football bets that seem outrageous, but have still won. We advise you not to do that until you are an expert. Start with the most likely winning bets, and unless you think an underdog can win, do not bet on them first. If you do, put in a small amount first. You’ll enjoy how much you can win from your Singapore football odds betting!

Once you get the hang of it, remember to stop immediately if you’ve reached a target amount. Then withdraw the money so you could enjoy the winning. Avail of promos from time to time so that your bankroll may be extended. Good luck, and have fun winning in the world of online football odds Singapore!