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Gambling safely online in Singapore is one of the biggest issues a gambler has. Because of the complicated laws behind gambling. However, the challenge can be subverted through many interesting techniques. In this way, you wouldn’t find it hard to enjoy yourself when gambling.

Safe Places to Gamble in Singapore

There are actually designated places that the Singapore government has declared safe to gamble in Singapore. We have listed them here for you:

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Singapore Brick and Mortar Casinos

The two prime casinos in Singapore are located in a hotel and a resort. These are namely the Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resorts World Sentosa Casino. Casino gambling was removed by law in 18 April 2005, together with special provisions on casinos. These were established in the hope that it could boost tourism.

Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club

The Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are the exempted bodies for betting in Singapore. Traditional betting forms like horse racing, 4D, Toto, Singapore Sweep and football betting were legalized after Singapore’s gradual independence from Britain in 1963. 

Singapore’s Stance on Gambling

However, the ban on casino gambling continued. In 2004, there was a proposal to study how gambling can be reintroduced in a great way, wherein financial benefits would be better than ill effects.

The provisions were as follows:

  • Capping the casino market for two licensed operators
  • Making use of the euphemism for casino-hotels, “integrated resorts”; in practice, this would also mean that resorts would allocate 5% of interior goals for casinos. 
  • Introducing a $100 entry levy.
  • Creating organizations, such as the National Council for Problem Gaming and Casino Regulatory Authority

With Singapore loosening rules on gambling, stricter controls on online gambling. In 2014, the Remote Gambling Bill was passed, making Internet gambling illegal in the country, exempting the Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

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Other activities criminalized by this regulation include:

  • Running online gambling operations
  • Transmitting financial transaction that relate to online gambling in Singapore.
  • Making advertisements for online gambling in Singapore.
  • ISPs not complying with ban requests from authorities.

However, gambling using these respective systems will give you limited options when it comes to football betting, casino betting, etc.

How to Make Sure You’re Gambling Safely Online in Singapore

Winning through online gaming is a great feeling, but doing it with strings attached can pose a huge dilemma for you. To ensure that you are gambling safely make sure that you follow these pointers in looking for your casino of choice.

  • Check for licenses on the website

Check if the casino site you are playing with has a gaming license. Gaming licenses often come from Malta or the Isle of Man in the UK.

  • Check terms and conditions on the site

Check if the terms guard against gathering information. Every casino wants to ensure that they are fair in their practice. By checking on their website, you will be able to verify this commitment on their part.

  • Visit only Trusted Casino Reviews for your Sites of Choice

When checking out a casino that you would like to go to, it is important to consider the integrity of the site you are visiting. Make sure that they feature credible and unbiased reviews, and are not merely ways of getting clicks to those respective sites.

  • If possible, use a virtual private network (VPN) when connecting

Using a VPN can help you manage your information to be protected from hackers. A VPN generates a new IP address for you, so that you don’t compromise the information you may have on your computer or phone.

  • Verify the payment gateways available

Independent payment gateways that are trusted will lessen your chance of being victimized by hackers and scammers. When you find a list of payment gateways that are reliable for transactions such as deposits and withdrawals on the site, you are sure that you can trust that casino for gambling online.

Gambling Safely Online in Singapore is Possible

In spite of stringent rules, gambling safely in Singapore can be done whether you know it or not. You need not worry about the rules and about your information being compromised when going to an trusted online casino Singapore