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Half-time full-time bets are the most lucrative types of bets in sports betting strategy. They are scoring-based, showing the score after a match is played. This poses a challenge to bettors, because they get to guess the score after each period. Also, halftime fulltime predictions could be tricky, since you tend to think of the game as a whole when placing the bet.

What Does Half-Time/Full-Time Mean in Betting?

So what does halftime fulltime mean in betting? This type of bet is similar to scorecast/wincast betting. Please note that a halftime fulltime bet only wins when you have predicted the halftime and fulltime standing in a correct manner. The precondition is that the half-time full-time predictions bet is interrupted by a break.

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Different Kinds of Half-Time Full-Time Bets

Half time bets and full time soccer bet are not limited to scores. There are different types that you could use for betting, giving players more options. Let’s take a look at each of them:

  • Winner

Here in this half time odds/ full time odds bet, a player predicts the winning team. You should think of this well, since you will lose if you guess the opposite side. The wins or losses come from the final result of the game scores. IF there is an interruption, you could lose the bet.

  • Correct Score

This involves making predictions on the correct score. This needs to be exact, so that the player wins. When you bet your half-time/full-time bets choice, you do so based on the information and stats you have researched. If you have more information, you can predict the result more correctly. If you have an inaccurate guess, you lose all the stakes.

  • Goals

Placing half-time, full time bets on goals is also promising. You just have to guess the goals either side gets in the match. If the goals in the half time full time bet are right, you get the win. Choose the team that has promise, and base the bet on their previous record. If you don’t get the score correct, or the game is not completed, you could lose the bet.

  • Corner Kicks

Corner kicks during half-time betting and full-time betting are also popular. For the 1half betting odds in the first half, the number of corner kicks before the break are counted. For the full-time bet, all the corner kicks are counted. You then choose from among an odds range, including 0 (no corner kicks) and full-time and half-time over/under decimal numbers (2.5-3, 3 for example). These are numbers are chosen by top bookmakers. If your wager falls within the said range for the half-time full-time bet, you win.

  • Booking 

What does half-time full-time mean in betting on bookings? Basically the same as for corner kicks. This includes both yellow cards and red cards incurred by each side before the halftime break and in full-time. You choose a side, and choose the range (0 or over/under) wherein you think their bookings would fall.

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Other Sports With Half-Time Full-Time Bets

Soccer or football is a known game where you could place half-time full-time bets. However, basketball, rugby, American football are also covered by half time odds bet. There is also a special form for this bet for hockey, which consists of three periods.

Can you make money with this bet?

Since scores happen by chance, half time full time betting have high odds. A suggestion should be done on favourite wins. You should search for games that have display odds of 1.50 to win. Even if you guess wrong a third bet, you may still get money because of the high odds of half-time bet or full-time bets.

So there you have it for halftime fulltime prediction bet. As always, you have to pick responsibly and think twice or thrice about your choice and the amount you have to bet. Whether you win or lose, have self-control and walk away. And when you are ready to do half-time betting or full-time betting again, be a hundred percent ready.