Best Online Casino Singapore 2024

For any serious bettor, playing in a live casino Singapore is one of the great things in life. Going here gives you the chance to play for multiple prizes, in return form great wagering. Moreover, the atmosphere gets players pumping at the sight of attractive yet professional bettors who are there to make their dreams come true.

What are Live Online Casinos?

The live casino Singapore is just the latest version of the popular casinos that has sprung up on the web. While people were just limited to gambling in brick and mortar casinos, technology has made it possible to play with a computer as long as you had access to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Microgaming is reportedly the first online gaming platform, launched in 1995. After this, it would take three years for the casinos to be fully live. The first ones appeared in 2006-2007. With the improvement of Internet speeds, gaming destinations became live.

The apparent popularity of smartphones in the next decade made surfing from anywhere more convenient. This led to casinos switching to HTML5. Since then, mobile casinos have optimized their services to fit this new innovation in the online betting industry.

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The Entry of Providers into Live Casino Singapore

With live casinos sealing their place in betting, providers have begun filling in the space. One of the earliest players was Evolution Gaming. In the 2000s, they blazed the trail by setting up studios which resembled actual gaming spaces, such as card tables dedicated to blackjack and baccarat, as well as spinning roulette wheels. They also hired dealers who were not only pleasing to the eye, but were also highly-professional and diligently-trained.

The betting was enabled by computer graphics that were clickable and easy to push. By then, Evolution began to win many industry awards and crossed over into the Americas from Europe. Other casinos also tried to follow their leads, including Pragmatic Play, Playtech and NetEnt. Finally, Asian competitors came into the mix, such as 2BCBetSA Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, WM Casino and HO Gaming. All of them have their unique casino presentations, and have included women/men of Asian features aside from the usual European ones.

How to Choose Your Live Casino Singapore

Nowadays, there are plenty of choices for live casino Singapore. However, finding them can be quite a challenge for any user. For a guide, we give you the tips to look for when choosing a live casino to play in:

1. Decide on what you want to do.

Casinos differ in their nature. Therefore, you should select which of the live online selections are best suited to you. First of all, you need to ask what games you want to play? Afterwards, think about the live dealer games available. Also, check if there are variants of the game so that you could have more variety while playing.

2. Check the bonuses that are available.

There has to be a promo tab on the page outlining the welcome bonuses and other available promos. See if they suit you, like weekly free spins for players, and check the terms and conditions. Here you will be able to check if the casino is fair as advertised.

3. Research the Reviews

Check out the reviews of the casinos to get an instant bird’s eye view of what you are getting into. They usually list down the games for your reference. You also get an idea of what you need to sign up as a member, the betting requirements, as well as the promos and rewards you get.

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Types of Live Casino Games

Here are just a few of the live dealer games you could expect if you play on a live casino Singapore:

  • BlackjackUndoubtedly one of the most popular casino games, this involves many players going up against just the dealer. Each player needs to beat the dealer by providing a hand that totals 21 without going over.
  • BaccaratThe most popular game in Macau, this game is captivating to most Asians. Players need to select which hand will win; the player or the dealer. The minimum number of cards is two, while the maximum is three. Each hand will compete on who gets the highest number with the maximum value of 9.
  • RouletteHere, there is a wheel marked with several numbers and shades of black and red (except for 0 and sometimes 00, which are coloured green.” You need to make a bet before the ball is thrown on a table which contains all of the possible bets. What’s great about this game is that you could place more than one bet on the table, for chances to win a bigger payout.
  • Sic BoThis game operates in the same manner as roulette, but instead of a wheel, three dice are involved. The dice are mixed in one jar after a period in which all persons place their bets. When the dice settle down, those who are successful in their bets win money in return. Bets range from odd/even, doubles or triples or particular numbers to show.
  • Dragon TigerThis is a modified version of baccarat in which only one card is drawn. The banker (dragon) and player (tiger) side compete on which will have the higher value. The playing person may choose either of these two, or bet on a tie. This also has less suspense involved compared to the action in a baccarat match.

Enjoy Live Casino Singapore Betting Now!

There is much to be excited for in live casino Singapore, especially with the numerous games available. The thrill of gambling with a brick and mortar casino atmosphere wherever you may be also adds to the great feeling. Check on our site the different live casino sites and take your pick among the many Singaporean and Malaysian options for casino betting for a chance to win real money now!