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As one of the largest archipelagos in the world, online casino Indonesia is the haven for many casinos. However, online casinos have also become popular, giving Indonesians an easy way to gamble. While strict Muslim laws have traditionally prevented the spread of casinos and gaming in the country, its huge population is still very marketable for gambling. This is why major casino online Indonesia still cater to the country.

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History of Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia online casino has always been strict, but the Chinese influence has helped it become less stricter. Because of its Muslim religion and Sharia law, laws here have been more stringent compared to their counterparts in Europe and other freer countries.

Gambling in Indonesia has been criminalized since the 1970s. The ban includes casinos and horse racing. Indonesians look at gambling, notably game casino online Indonesia as a corrupt and poisonous activity preventing them from living normal lives. Indonesia then reinforced the law for online gambling in 2012 when they banned online offshore casinos. However, many Indonesia online casinos are still active, which remain perfectly legal.

While the country technically bans Indonesians from playing the live casino online Indonesia games, they could still casino from sites like Mega888 that are operated outside of the country. Certain regions in Asia which are not covered by casino laws have language and payment method settings in their game casino online Indonesia that are centered towards the Indonesian population. That is why they can still engage in winning real money with no fear of law breaking.

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Criteria for Judging Live Casinos Operating in Indonesia

The live casino online Indonesia we review undergo a stringent process before they are included in the list. They are the following:

Reliable License

There should be a reliable license in the Indonesia casino online website for it to be considered a worthy casino to play in. The license on the casino implies that the service is safe and fair. Licenses like these are usually acquired either in Europe or Asia.


The game online casino Indonesia needs to be accessible for Indonesian audiences, and have Bahasa Indonesia language settings. They should be able to transact using the rupiah. They should also use banks or any other payment channels. that Indonesians usually use for their transactions.


You want to make sure that when you’re gambling in casino roulette online Indonesia, your private information remains secure. The SSL encryption of the casino slot online Indonesia sites featured here helps protect valuable information from being revealed to other people. You can play in peace knowing that our rigid security services are comparable to a brick and mortar casino.


Every game casino online Indonesia offers a welcome bonus to entice players to stay and play some more. Typical Indonesia casinos online double the bonus up to a certain sum (which is 100% the original). You also get entitled to casino bonuses such as free spins and holiday bonuses, such as Hari Raya. However, there are some casinos that give high bonuses that are too good to be true. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the game casino online Indonesia before signing up for an membership.

Customer Service Languages Supported

Indonesia has multiple languages, with Bahasa Indonesia being the largest one. The casinos online Indonesia we feature provide support for customers in this language. The agents can be reached through various channels such as live chat, email, and social media messengers for assistance on features of the site, inquiries on transactions or claiming bonuses.

Popular Indonesia Games to Bet On


Indonesians love several games in the live online casino Indonesia, as well as betting on sports like football, cockfighting and horse racing among others. The Premier League and UEFA Champions League are highly popular in the country, as in most regions in Asia. For sports betting, the Asian handicap is a popular option in game casino online Indonesia, especially since an earlier version of this betting type originated in the country. However, other odds betting like Over/Under, 1×2 and Parlay Betting are popular too.

Live Casino

Indonesians also like to engage in the games that are popular in the brick and mortar casinos. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and Sic Bo are some of the big draws for those looking exciting games. Live casinos online Indonesia replicate these settings, complete with professional dealers and chat boxes for small talk with the bankers.


If you are more into the jackpot-generating spinning type of games, slots are also available for you. Our best online casinos Indonesia partner with the best slot software developers in the world to provide you with games that cover many themes. Whether you like hidden treasure, ancient civilizations or fantasy themes, the electronic slot casino online Indonesia all have intuitive gameplay and allow you to win multiple amounts of real money with every spin.

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