Best Online Casino Singapore 2024

Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to find a Singapore online casino. They grew in popularity especially during the pandemic. Brick and mortar casinos enjoyed a boom in the country just a few short years after their legalization by the government. Even cruise casinos got into the Singapore casino action by docking in and permitting nationals to play there. Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club also made betting also a good option with their own services.

However, with the rise of online casinos like BetVision, Singapore casino online betting has offered more options are ever. You can play sportsbook and lottery, but you can also play slots and live dealer casinos in a legal setting. They also have their claim of providers who create thrilling games and have convenient payment options as well as daily rewards. Best of all they are completely legal. So how do you go about choosing a trustworthy Singapore Online Casino? We will find out more in this article.

History of Singapore Online Casino

Singapore Gambling Regulation

When did Singapore online casino begin? Even before that, gambling has been a part of Singaporean life. In 1923, betting was allowed in the then-British colony. However, the effects of it resulted in addition and crime.

The government of Singapore took action by creating Singapore Pools for lottery betting and Singapore Turf Club for horse racing. Before that, the only actual casinos allowed were cruise ships that docked in the country. Residents could go there and play away. In 2005, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong then allowed the creation of casinos in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Resorts World on Sentosa island. Both casinos opened to players in 2010.

Gambling Laws

Prior to Singapore online casino, gambling laws were also enacted. The Gambling Regulatory Act (GRA) was Singapore’s prime authority on betting. It also confined betting and gambling in Singapore to the areas listed above.

In 2020, Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced the reconstitution of the Gambling Regulatory Authority for gambling activities in Singapore. The Singapore Police Force will be on top of acting against illegal gambling, and the Ministry of Social and Family Development will deal with gambling issues. The reconstitution of the law involving Singapore online casino was completed in August 2022.

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Reasons for the Rise of Online Casinos Singapore

Singapore casino online became popular to fill the needs of people limited by the gambling options. Here are the reasons why they became popular options:

  • Travel convenience

In Singapore, you only had two-land based casinos to go, and occasionally a cruise ship when they dock in. Going to these places required travel time and money and gasoline in commuting. After that, they also had to go through protocols before getting in. A Singapore online casino erased those inconveniences by giving players the option to sign up, and enroll their credit card for betting. Now, they can proceed to playing immediately, whether at home, at work or in a place they are comfortable in.

  • Limited options for the Singapore Pools and Turf Club

The Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are sanctioned by the government for sportsbooks, lottery and betting respectively. However, they are limited in terms of Singapore odds offered. Also, could not fulfill substitute casino playing for actual casino sites. Singapore online casinos offer more options with actual sportsbooks and dealer casino game providers, making the buy-in there more worth it.

  • More VIP and Rewards Options

It is rare for a land-based casino to give you a bonus when you sign up. With a Singapore online casino, you can receive double the amount you bet on when you sign up. You also have the chance to get bonuses like free spins and rebates. Other casinos even give points for claiming rewards. Also, you get more VIP memberships than you would at actual casinos.

  • Better concentration during betting

In land-based Singapore casinos, you can get distracted by the noise of other players and onlookers. However, in your own space at the Singapore online casino, you can concentrate your full energy on betting. You save yourself the anxiety when wagering, allowing you to perform better.

  • Global Lockdown

The spread of COVID-19 has made it better for people to bet online instead of heading to casinos or Singapore Pools outlets. In fact, they almost give the same casino online options to users. Travelling would mean that you still have to go through all health checks while commuting on the MRT and taxi. After that, you’d still have to go through that in the hotel casino. Playing online frees you of those inconveniences.

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How to Select a Trustworthy Singapore Online Casino

Is it legal to go to an online casino in Singapore? Yes it is. While Singapore’s GRA law is specifically stringent, betting on a casino in your own space makes it perfectly safe. However, you must not just go about betting on any casino; you have to make sure it is trustworthy. So, how can I select a trustworthy Singapore online casino, you may be asking? Below are the tips to help you out:

Check if it has licenses from reputed gaming authorities.

Usually online casinos display the organizations that give them license to operate. These are some of the popular ones:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Government of Curacao

If you see that the Singapore Online Casino has these authorities listed, they are definitely one of the casinos you should use.

Contains world-acclaimed game providers

Singapore gaming sites either have in-house providers, or have partnered up with world famous developers. If you see any of these game providers, it is a good sign. Some providers include the following:

Verify if the games have been vetted for fairplay

No one wants cheating to be done on their own casinos. This is why online casinos have their games vetted by responsible authorities. BMM TestLabs is just one of the authorities testing the games on the platform. So if you see their seal on the site, you can bet it has a trustworthy reputation.

128-Bit Encryption

When signing up for an online casino, you want to make sure it is secure. You are entering your personal details into the site, as well as your method of payment. And you wouldn’t want them compromised for identity theft. That is why you need to check for any sign of safe encryption.

Payment Method

Another sign of a Singapore online casino’s reliability is its payment methods. They should be ones that their customers regularly use. Credit and debit cards from Singaporean and Malaysian banks are usually displayed. Ewallets like Skrill and Neteller are also offered by these sites. Casinos have also employed cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Channels for Customer Service

Trustworthy Singapore online casinos also have 24/7 customer service. They provide ample channels to communicate with their customers, including Live Chat, Telegram, WeChat, a hotline number and email. Due to many concerns, they also have to regulate that VIP members have more priority with customer service.

Take Care in Choosing Your Singapore Online Casino

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