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Singapore TOTO is one of the more sought after lottery games for fans in the country. The huge stakes one could win are immensely satisfying. There are many ways that you could play the most popular betting game in the country, be it Singapore or Malaysia.

The Importance of TOTO

Toto was established by the Singapore Pools, so that players may control gambling and establish a legal venue for it. The earliest Toto was done in 1996. In this game, you are given the option of what numbers and in what order you would like to bet them with.

So popular was the game, that it was offered as a computerized online game with a base on 5 out of 49 format. The format would eventually be changed to 6 out of 42, and then to 6 out of 45.

As of April 2015, it had become the second popular king of gambling after 4-Digits or 4D another popular lottery game i the country.

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How to Play Singapore Toto Bet

To play Singapore Toto, buyers choose from at least six numbers, from a playing range of 1-49. The victorious numbers include 6 numbers, including one more number. If there are three or more winning numbers on a ticket that match the 7 numbers drawn, the buyer will qualify for a cash prize. When the increase in the numbers match, the prize money also increases.

The most allowed matching numbers is 7 (with the victorious person winning in group 1 and 2 of the draw). Therefore, if 6 numbers on the ticket are in tune with those drawn, the jackpot or Group 1 prize is won.

Casinos That Offer Singapore Toto Bet

For everyone’s knowledge, there are four different ways that players could place a Singapore Toto Bet. They are the following:

1. Ordinary Bet

Here, the buyer will choose 6 numbers from 1-49 and mark them on a bet slip.

2. Quickpick

In this bet, the computer will choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 for the buyer. (In this type of bet, there is no bet slip).

3. System Bet

Here, the bettor will choose 7-12 numbers from 1-49 by placing them on a bet slip.

4. System Roll

The buyer will make a pick of only 5 number from 1-49. The sixth number chosen is a guaranteed number that will win.

Singapore TOTO Bet is Your Key to Victory!

If you are good at guessing numbers in lottery, the Singapore TOTO Bet is your best chance to prove such a thing. With confidence in your choice of numbers, Toto Result Today 2021 you can surely bet your way to an effective payday. Join now!

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