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Triple Twister slot and SA Gaming may have a simple design, but it still retains an exciting charm for many a slot game fan. Set in America’s Midwest, it has a theme of farm objects and tornadoes. This unique concept makes it a sought-after game. We find out more about it in this Triple Twister review.

For beginners, Triple Twister is a 50 line slot machine that was produced by Realtime Gaming. The tornado theme is prevalent in the game, and the wild symbol that expands plus random jackpots plus free spins getting you up to 9,999 coins.

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Random Jackpots Available

Another interesting thing about this slot is that there are random jackpots that are awarded at amu point in the game. The prizes begin at $250 and $1,000. There are also free spins which are included as bonuses during gameplay.

The twister symbol will come up often in the game. It appears in the middle reel and serves as a wild, plus weather vane scatters.

It is also a multiplier that triples the wins it partakes in in the triple twister Malaysia game. The best situation is to complete the top line with 9,999 coins. This can be won using two symbols: either the five lade or farmer symbols with a wild twister. If you don’t have the twister, you will acquire 3,333 coins if you get five or either of the symbols. If the wild twister expands, you can acquire the top play on multiple lines in a single spin.

You Can Play Mid-Level

If you don’t want to risk everything and lose much, the triple twister slot contains has mid-levels to play three ways to be able to win more. You may acquire up to 999 coins should you get 5 cows, pigs or houses and one more twister.

All in all, there are 42 unique combinations for winning. When one acquires three or more weather vane symbols, free spins come out.

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Several Methods of Playing

Because it is on the web, this game could be played anywhere. The effect of playing it on a phone or a mobile tablet is the same as on a computer.

A unique free spin bonus in the jackpots allows expansion of the wilds, but you can have a maximum win limit on the free spins with 50,000 coins as the highest payout. Even if the free spins don’t succeed, the “win Win” feature can help you get back on your game with 100 times your bet.

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Triple Twister is a slot for having a good time and winning real money. Experience tornadoes and farm life at its wildest by playing Triple Twister Singapore in online casinos such as BetVision. Head on over here to find out how!