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Anyone who has made a bet in sports have come across 1×2 Betting odds. It’s one of the simpler types of bets, but tends to confuse a lot of people. They are a surefire way to bet on soccer without much thinking. But at the same time, betting 1×2 should use a great amount of strategy.

So you may ask: what is 1×2? What does 1 mean in betting? In this article, we will be discussing 1×2 betting meaning to give clarity to wannabe bettors. Whether you’re making wagers for the Premier League, Champions League or the World Cups, these 1×2 betting tips and Football betting will be useful. So play close attention!

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1×2 Betting Meaning

So what does 1×2 mean in betting? When you bet on soccer 1×2, you simply choose the result of a football game after 90 minutes of play. Each part of the 1×2 bet represents a different result:

1= The Home Team wins

X =. A draw between both teams

2 = The Away Team wins

In a 1×2 betting tips prediction, each of these results are designated with odds. These odds are either in decimal, fraction or moneyline form. The odds with the lowest value represent the biggest probability of happening, while the one with the biggest value is the least likely to happen.

Example of 1x2Bet

Let’s now look at an example of a 1×2 bet on soccer, with Portugal v Argentina. The 1×2 odds in decimal form are described as the following:

1 (Portugal) = Odds of 1.81

X (Draw) = 2.03

2 (Argentina) = 1.67

Here in this odd 1x, Portugal is the home team, and Argentina is the visiting side. The “draw” 1x2bet has the highest value, followed by “Portugal” and “Argentina. So, this 1×2 bet means an Argentina win is the most likely result. After that, the 1x2odds of Portugal winning is the next likely thing to happen. The draw is the least likely.

Therefore, those playing safe would choose “Argentina” as their bet. If they bet $001 and they win, they will get 1.81*$100= $181, plus the $100 they bet. Note, however, than any of these 1x2odds has the chance to happen. If a draw happens, the bettor will win the highest amount possible.

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Can a 1×2 bet still be used after Regulation Time?

1×2 bets are only limited up to what happens in regulation time. In the case of soccer games, it is within 90 minutes. Any other result that takes place in further time is not included in the bet.

For example, if the Portugal v Argentina game is a knockout match and it ends 2-2, an extra 30 minutes divided into two halves need to be played. If it still ends in a tie, penalty shootouts have to be done. Whatever happens, or whoever wins, the results in these periods will not count towards the 1×2 bets.

Sports Wherein 1×2 Betting is Also Used

Not all sports end in a draw, but the possibility of all of them ending in a draw is still possible. In these case, 1x2bet making is no longer applied. These include the following sports:

  • Basketball – With a regulation time of four quarters, if a tie happens, an overtime period of 5 minutes takes place.
  • Ice Hockey – Ice hockey is played over three periods of 20 minutes each. If a tie happens, extra time is needed to settle the score, and 1×2 betting is no longer applied.
  • Baseball – A baseball game consists of nine innings, with the batting and pitching sides alternating between innings. If there is a tied score after nine innings, extra innings will be included.

A Gateway to Other Soccer Odds: 1×2 Betting

While there are several other odds, 1×2 betting serves as a gateway for players before wagering on other odds. To bet on soccer and other sports is a high stakes activity. That is why it helps to read up on betting 1×2 tips and other strategies. Newbies need to start out small to lessen risks of losing money. And when they get the hand of odd 1×2, they can move up their amounts wagered and try other odds.