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Football Betting: How to Place a Sports Bet for World Cup 2022

The World Cup is fast approaching which means football betting is on the rise. Every day, matches between the main countries will take place on this day, and football bets watchers will be anxious to place their football bets. If you are looking to make a buck out of this betting, you can watch the scenes. Now, we will be giving you a sports betting guide on how you could bet on these.

What is the World Cup?

Before we get into the bet guide regarding this topic, let’s talk more about the FIFA World Cup. This popular on a bet football tournament takes place every four years and features several countries who have the bet football teams in the world. Each of these teams are placed into groups of four and compete in a round robin bet tournament (Most online football betting happens during this period). The top two teams of each group then participate in the knockout stages, wherein the last four remaining teams compete for either third place or the Cup itself.

This soccer odds betting tournament has taken place since 1936, and was only not held during World War II. According to match betting history, the first ever winner was Uruguay, while the most recent winner was France in 2018. Brazil is the country which has won the most World Cups (5), followed by Italy and Germany (4) and Argentina, France and Uruguay (2) This year’s edition will be taking place in Qatar between November and December, and soccer bet odds will surely be in demand at this time.

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Sports Betting Explained

So how do odds work in sports betting? Let us give you an idea. Soccer bet odds are set by bookmakers. These odds are displayed in different forms: (1) decimal, (2) fraction or ratio, and (3) moneyline. We will explain to you the differences of these betting types so you have an idea on how to win sports betting:

  1. Decimal odds are the easiest types of betting to understand. It is mostly used in Singapore and most of Asia. Here, the odds are denoted in decimal form. So, it is easy to determine the value you will win: just multiply the odds by the value, and you get the actual soccer bet value. For example, betting $2 on a 1.54 soccer bets odds will result in winnings of $2*1.54= 3.08.
  2. Fraction ratio/odds are popularly used in the UK. Here in this type of bet the number on the left/upper side. The number on the left represents the number to be wagered, while the number on the right represents the amount you win when you win the bet.
  3. Moneyline odds are often used in the US. The principle for this football gamble odds is similar to the fraction odds, but the numbers placed are in whole numbers (100 or 200) and with plus/minus signs in front of them (-100/+200). The minus numbers indicate that you would need to bet $100 to win that amount (assigned to the favoured side). Meanwhile the plus numbers on a bet are the amount you would win when you bet $100 (assigned to the “underdog).

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Football Betting Year Round

Online football betting is not only done during the World Cup; in fact, it takes place the whole year round. Soccer betting encompasses many leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue, Serie A, Bundesliga and more. However, much betting on football tends to concentrate on the said league, plus international tournament like the Euro (European Championship) and of course the World Cup.

Here are the different types of bets that will be available

  • Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is so named because this soccer odds betting type originated in Asia. Here the selection has a “designated handicap”, and takes out the possibility of a draw. Handicaps are given a plus or minus figure to designate the handicap, which could either be a whole-goal (-1 or +1) or half goal (+0.5 or -0.5)

In this type of betting on football, you guess the number of times something will happen in a match. The baseline number is not a whole number, and you have to guess if the goals scored will be over or under that said number.

Here is the simplest type of odd bet. Here you would football bet on the home team, the away team or a draw. The winning football bets are paid out after the half time and full time bets of 90 minutes, so if there is extra time, the score moving forward is disregarded.

  • Goalscorer bet

In this tip bet, the player to score is watched. The bookmaker gives you a list of names, and you can bet on who will be the first and last goalscorer in the game. Here you will need to follow the sports betting guides on which player has the best form or if the team has a greater chance of scoring.

Tips When Placing World Cup and Football Bets

Now that you know most of the basics of sports betting, here are some helpful winning bet tips so that you will have a trouble-free soccer betting experience in the World Cup:

  • While there are teams with an advantage in football bets, there are also upsets that are bound to happen. That is why there are no sure bets. Determining who will win involves a mix of research and gut feel.
  • If you are not that experienced, you may want to concentrate first on simpler bet types, and those that have less risks (match betting, Asian handicap). Usually experts take part in parlays, or combinations of football bets.
  • You have also an abundance of statistics on free sites when you bet on football games. This gives you a better view of the markets for bookmakers. With the Premier League being the more popular of football bet league, more people tend to place bets on this arena. This is rightly so, because more people are familiar with this league. As for the World Cup, all players from every league take part, and there is also room for error for upsets to happen.
  • Pick out soccer bets odds which you are sure of the winner (for example a top 10- ranked FIFA team vs a top 30-ranked one).
  • If ever you do football betting on an upset, make sure you pick an underdog which has a high chance of winning over the winner.
  • For parlay bets, make a bet on the odds most likely to win, to lessen the risk of losing a big amount when one of them loses.
  • Finally, always remember to have fun in your football betting and Singapore online casino!