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The money line 3-way bet is often used in sports, specifically team sports. Usually, what’s a moneyline bet in football pertains to games wherein you just choose between a winner and a loser. However, there is also a special case known as a 3way bet, wherein a draw is also counted as an option.

The three-way bet moneyline also be considered for sports that can end in a draw in regular time, including soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey. To learn more about this sportsbook odds offering, let us discuss the 3 way bet meaning in this article.

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What is a 3-Way Moneyline Bet?

Let us now answer your questions as to what does 3-way moneyline mean. For a typical money line 3-way bet, you have to choose the side that is winning the match. If the game ends in a draw, the moneyline bet will push.

On the other hand, a 3-way moneyline has you picking if any of the sides win, lose or draw. The draw bet for a 3 way money line may possess the highest value odds for an unpredictable game, or low odds if there is a lopsided contest in 3 way betting.

What is a 3-way Money-line in Football

Betting in American football wherein games end in ties after the overtime mark are acceptable for 3way bet. However, football playoffs could not end in ties, so the rules differ in money line 3 way betting.

So whats a 3 way money line in American football? For a regular and preseason bets, here is an example for a 3-way money line bet for American teams:

  • Dallas Cowboys -420
  • Draw + 7200
  • New York Giants +350

Note that what is moneyline 3 way bets are explained in American figures, which means $100 is the baseline amount. However, you can bet any amount, and the winnings you get will be proportional.

Now, let’s proceed to the moneyline 3 way meaning. Here the Dallas Cowboys are the favourites with -420 money line 3-way betting odds. A $420 bet will get you $100 in profit is what this means.

Meanwhile the New York Giants are underdogs in this match, meaning a $100 3 way moneyline football bet will win you $350 in profit if this bet wins.

There are also sportsbooks that offer 1st half winner 3 way in special circumstances, and this applies to all sports. Now for example, that the example above is not just a regular time line 3-way, but can also count for overtime 3 way line bet. If it ends at an overtime draw, which has an odds value of +7200, means that a $100 money line 3 way bet no push gets you $7,200 in profit. Now that is a high value of a 3-way moneyline bet, but the odds of it happening are non-existent.

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What is 3-Way Moneyline Bet in Soccer?

Now you know what’s a moneyline bet in football.  So, what does 3 way moneyline bet mean in soccer? Now in soccer, a 3-way line betting scheme is more feasible, and listed in equal odds with the two other teams. After 90 minutes, games of 3 way moneyline soccer could end in a draw, plus stoppage or injury time. Unless a winner has to be determined, such as in a knockout game, the money line 3 way no push draw bet will fall squarely in this criteria.

Want to see how a soccer 3 way moneyline works? Let’s look a potential money line 3 way for an El Clasico Match in Spain:

  • Real Madrid +125
  • Draw +230
  • Barcelona +250

Above is what a La Liga 3-way moneyline would look like. Real Madrid is the favoured team, and betting $100 on them would result in a payout of $125. The underdog here is Barcelona, which will pay out $250 if you bet $100. Lastly, the draw is the second most likely 3-way moneyline bet to happen, with a payout of $230 on a $100 bet.

There can also be a bet on halftime/ fulltime on this game. A 1st half moneyline 3 way would look no different than this.

What Happens to Draws in Other Sports?

Other sports won’t allow for money line 3 way betting, and it could be a win in your case. The bet will be considered a push, and your wager will be refunded.

Apart from draws, there are websites’ terms and conditions on a 3-way moneyline bet that can create a push.

Three Way Betting – Any Circumstance Counts?

With money line 3 way betting, you can bet on any outcome, without incurring a push. A money line 3 way no push may be distressing for people who want the safety cushion for getting their money back. But for those who crave the risk of big winnings in a draw bet, the three-way bet is something they truly want. Check out our featured Singapore online casino now to experience what is 3 way money line, and find the best 3 way line betting odds on any sportsbook possible!