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Both Teams To Score: BTTS Football Prediction and Betting Tips BTTS

Both Teams to Score and Win, or BTTS, is one of the more intriguing betting types for sportsbooks. This is because soccer BTTS tips is popular, and especially tailored for the world’s most popular sport, football. Because of its low scoring nature, it compels people to bet if both teams will score or not.

Here in this bet, you either answer “Yes” or “No”. You reply “Yes” if you are picking both teams to score, and “no”, if you think the game will end in a scoreless (0-0) draw.

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BTTS and Win Tips Weekend: A BTTS Football Prediction List

Want to know how you will fare in BTTS? Here is a list of the odds we have for BTTS and win predictions today. The available bets include “Both Teams to Score”, “One Team to score”, and “No Goal) (Note that these BTTS betting tips are applicable for the 90 minutes regulation and stoppage time only.)

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 BTTS Predictions Today

Croatia v Morocco 3rd Place Play Off, December 17, 2022 11:00 PM GMT +8

Both Teams to Score: 1.64

One: 2.21

No Goal: 9.64

Argentina v France World Cup Final, December 18, 2022 11:00 PM GMT +8

Both Team to Score: 1.94

One: 2.00

No Goal: 6.64

AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup – Both Teams to Score Betting Tips

Cambodia v Philippines, December 20, 2022 6:00 PM GMT +8

Both Team to Score: 1.51

One: 2.10

No Goal: 8.76

Myanmar v Malaysia, December 21, 2022 6:00 PM GMT +8

Both Teams to Score: 1.81

One: 1.68

No Goal: 9.32

Laos v Vietnam, December 21, 2022 8:30 PM GMT +8

Both Team to Score: 2.03

One: 1.44

No Goal: 14.20

England League Cup BTTS Both Halves Prediction

Newcastle United v Bournemouth, December 20, 2022 3:45 AM GMT +8

Both Teams to Score: 1.68

One: 1.90

No Goal: 9.78

Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest, December 21, 2022 3:45 AM GMT +8

Both Team to Score: 1.63

One: 2.07

No Goal: 7.84

Manchester United v Burnley, December 21, 2022 4:00 AM GMT +8

Both Teams to Score: 1.69

One: 1.85

No Goal: 10.70

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What Does BTTS Mean in Betting?

What’s BTTS in Betting? BTTS for today is an abbreviation for both team to score. This is basically a bet on if in a soccer game, both teams will net at least one goal. It doesn’t matter if one team wins, or a draw occurs: what matter is that each of the teams scores. Thus, a 0-0 or 1-0 result would win a “No” bet, while a 1-1 draw would win a “Yes” bet.

Sometimes, the Both to Score Tips Odds are divided into three: “both teams to score”, “one team to score”, or “no goal.” The higher the odds value assigned, the least likely it will happen, while a small number markets the BTTS and win predictions more likely to occur.

When is the Best Time to place a BTTS Bet?

As long as the odds are posted, you can go ahead and place a both teams to score betting wager. However, wise punters would usually wait for the reveal of the lineups. They may even go as far as when the play itself begins.

How to Wager on BTTS Bets Predictions

Basicallly, this is a both to score tips type of bet. Look for the odds you wish to place a bet on, and click on the bet you want to play.

Go through the popular markets for the BTTS and win stats for today. . For example, you see a bet for Argentina and Croatia, and you will see this Bet:

Yes: 1.78

No: 1.84

This score betting type is particularly popular, especially in a World Cup tournament.

Different BTTS Betting Markets

  • BTTS and Win: Here, you want both teams to score and one of the teams to be victorious, with decent odds. While you want one to to win, you want the opposition to also score a goal.
  • Total Goals/ BTTS: This bet puts together over/under goals market with BTTS betting.
  • Both Teams to Score in the First Half: Here, you want both teams to score in the first half, and bet against them scoring in the first half.
  • Both Team to Score in the Second Half: The odds are not as stacked for both teams in the market. This is a more common occurrens.ce thatn teams netting in the first half, but no is still the odds-on bet.
  • Both Teams to Score in Both Halves: If you select yes, you want both teams to get one goal each in the first half, and for them to score again in the next 45 minutes. This is an unlikely occurrence.
  • Both Team to Score No Draw: Here you want to see both teams hit the net, and one team winning should be the desired outcome for it to be successful.

How to Put Together a BTTS Accumulator?

One of the most useful BTTS football tips is putting together an accumulation of wagers. BTTS Accumulators are combination bets wherein one or more BTTS win bets are put together in one bet.

For odds, the BTTS odds for today are provided daily by both teams to score accumulators. For greater value, it is suggested that you combine BTTS betting tips with other markets.

Benefits of Using BTTS Betting

Here, the soccer btts bet of the punter remains valid until the match ends. However, it may be also be met by a matter of minutes with an early goal for each side. You may also add value to the both teams to score odds by combining in with over/under correct score or match result, or even incorporating wagers from BTTS in both halves.

Does extra time count for BTTS Bets?

The answer is no. The BTTS betting is only tailored to include 90 minutes, including injury time. Make sure you know this before you BTTS bet in knockout games. Such games don’t end in a draw and would require extra time and penalty shootouts to settle. Those won’t be included in the BTTS prediction bet.

BTTS Strategy

You’ve learned much now about BTTS meaning, and how it could be a useful odds for your betting slip. Now, we will give you BTTS tips on how to get BTTS and win predictions for today.

Make Use of the Latest Football Stats

How do you know the option you will use in BTTS betting? At the start, it is hard since no data exists on any of the teams, and you are only dependent on previous campaigns. However, as the campaign progresses, you have available BTTS and win stats for you to make better judgement.

Try to Also Use Other Leagues for Your BTTS Bets

Also consider beyond big name leagues when you put bets on the both teams to score market. Popular leagues like the Premier League and La Liga attract attention but you may find it hard to get an edge there. So you may consider BTTS betting, Over 2.5 Goals Strategy for smaller markets, where you could get a pattern. Thus, you spread your BTTS bets wider for a pattern and get a profit in that manner.