Over/under betting is a good way to bet on Football Betting Tips. There are also options for players who would like to get the most out of their playing In this type of betting, there is a baseline that you have to bet on. What makes it exciting is the possibility that you win. There are also many possibilities of winning, but you have to be a genius in determining how a team performs.

But apart from scoring, odds over/under also covers how many goals, corners, free throw shots, strikeouts, and whatever sport comes to mind.

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Over/Under Explained

So what’s over/under in sports betting? The over/under betting is betting on how each team will perform in a match, and combining the numbers into the total points to be scored by the teams. Oddsmakers make calculation on how every team takes part in the game. Here are things to know about Totals, or under or over bets:

  • Betting on the over/under line in sports is a bet that takes into consideration all the points in a game.
  • The line for a Totals bet is 5.5. A bet on the Over wins if both teams score combined six or more points. Meanwhile, a bet on Under wins if they get combined points or less.
  • You bet on the totals line, not on the winning team.
  • Over and Under bets have the same odds. The casino sets a line getting equal betting from bettors on either side.
  • There is a shifting of “juice” in lines, as the house wants to set a balance on total action on the line.

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Over/Under as a Popular Choice for Betting

Over/under is an easy bet to determine, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s available for every sport.
  2. They are based on how the teams will perform in the game, determining the points they can get.
  3. Chances for each of the bets occurring are 50/50, and the bet is open to upsets.

How to Read Over/Under Bets

Bettors may be confused at first how they play over/under. However, they can easily be read once you’ve got the hang of it.

Example of Over/Under

For example, Brazil and Argentina have a game against each other. Oddsmakers have set a betting line of 3.25 over the match. An over 3.25 goal is equal to odds of 2.05, while under 3.25 goals is equal to 1.65.

The score ends up being 4-2 in favour of Argentina. The total of these goals is 6. Therefore the winning bet is over 3.25. If you bet, say, $100 on this, you win 2.05*100=$205. Thus your total winnings is $305.

Another example of over is a game between England and Germany, with a baseline score of 3.75. Over 3.75 equals odds of 2.11, while under 3.75 equals odds of 1.81. The score in half time and full time bets is a 1-1 draw. Despite no one winning, you still win if you bet under 3.75, because the total goals falls within that range. Therefore your winnings, if you bet $100, is 1.81*100= $181, giving you a grand total of $281.

Over/Under Betting for Football

Over/under lines for a full-time score, which is up to 90 minutes including stoppage time are 2.5. You will have to predict if there are factors that will influence the home team and how they play there. Also, you can check on the weather conditions to see how it would affect the game as it is played.

Time to Place Over/Under Bets

When betting over/under, the best advise would be to get an informed opinion. You will want to see the sides of the wager. All in all, betting totals would be an effective way for betting money, or securing an edge if you are serious about gambling.