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One of the more popular types of betting that have emerged is the double chance bet. And it is a wonder that from straightforward betting, more challenging and more profitable types of betting have emerged. These include point-spreaddraw no betparlay and round robin bets.

Just like the aforementioned bets, double chance is intriguing in its own right. But what’s double chance in betting, actually? In this article, we will explain to you what is double chance in soccer and even other sports. By doing so, you will be more open to including the double result bet in your online wagering activities.

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What is Double Chance Betting?

So what does double chance mean? It is a type of betting wherein you combine two outcomes into one bet. For example, for soccer, there is the possibility of a win, a draw or a loss. It can either put together the win/draw options, or get rid of the draw altogether.

Based on the three outcomes, there are three combinations of bets for a double chance bet:

  • Team A wins + Team B wins
  • Team A wins + Draw
  • Team B wins + Draw.

Each of these double chance soccer bet types are then placed with a value next to them. For decimal odds, it’s simple: the lower the value of the odds, the more likely the bet will happen. On the inverse, the higher the value, the less likely that will be the outcome.

This is the same with American odds. For negative value odds, you would have to bet that amount to win $100. For positive odds, betting $100 would give you the exact amount of the double chance bet value.

What is An Example of Double Chance Bets?

With World Cup fever gripping the entire planet, let use an example from this competition to betting understand what’s a double chance bet. Let’s use the game between England and Senegal.

Instead of the normal outcome bet (win, draw, lose) we will combine the different scenarios and place odds next them for a double chance bet selection.

  1. England wins or Senegal wins: 1.74
  2. England wins or draw: 1.58
  3. Senegal wins or draw: 1.95

The game ends with England winning 3-1. Let’s say you placed a $100 bet. If you chose the first double bet result selection, it means you were correct the first part of the bet, but didn’t guess that Senegal would lose. Either way, you still got one bet correctly, so you win 1.74*$100 = $174, for a total payday of $274.

Now say you placed your bet on #2, England wins or draw. Again, you predicted correctly than England wins, but were unsuccessful in choosing a draw. Since one part of the double chance bet was right, you win the value of the bet, 1.58 times $100, or $158. Your money is now $258 total.

Lastly, what if you bet on #3? Neither Senegal won, nor was the game a draw. Simply put, you didn’t guess any correct answer, and your $100 goes to the bookmaker. This is the unluckiest of the options, so you would want to choose the amount you bet wisely before placing a bet.

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What if there is a draw in double chance betting?

Now: what if the score is 2-2? The score is a draw, so the double chance bets that have a draw in them (#2 and #3) win their respective amounts. Betting on #2 would win you $158, and wagering on #3 gets you $195 (total take home $295). However, a bet on #1 loses, because neither England nor Senegal won. Thus, you lose $100.

When Do We Use Double Chance Bet?

Now that you know what is double chance betting, you also have awareness of how you could use it. Of course like any other bet, researching is important. Handicappers look at double chance bets for two instances:

  1. Choosing a defensive side that is capable of lasting the match, but lack something to outright win the game, making double bets on that team and the draw is something you want to use for a win draw bet.

If you have a match with higher variance, where the two teams could get goals in and produce a draw, creating a double result bet on both teams is a bet you could use.