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If you frequent sportsbooks, you may notice a bet known as draw no bet. It is a bet which does not place a winning bet on a draw. Because of that, the bet no draw is treated as a push, or is refunded.

This type of bet eliminated wins via bet draws, meaning the two teams are even. This draw is popular for backing a team with a safety net, but the price line would include a draw.

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Three Way Moneyline vs Draw No Bet

Three-way moneyline

Let’s say we’re betting on draws. On the nomal three-way moneyline, or even the 1×2 Bet. there are three options. If you wagered in a non-draw no bet wager, you lose your bet. Let’s look at an example of a three way moneyline for Uruguay vs South Korea, wherein South Korea is the favoured team and Uruguay is the underdog in the bet soccer team.

Uruguay (+305)

Draw (+100)

South Korea (+203)

Draw no Bet

So now, we look at an example of what does draw no bet mean. In the draw no bet, there are only two options, because a draw results in being a push. This will force you to pay more to South Korea, and you have a smaller payout for a bet soccer team on Uruguay.

For a bet no draw line, you are getting:

  • Uruguay: +170 (from +305)
  • South Korea: -225 (from +203)

Now let’s look at the bet draws table below what happens when you either win, lose or get a draw:


Amount Wagered






Win $17

Bet Refunded

Lose $10

S. Korea


Win $10

Bet Refunded

Lose $22.50

As you can see in this bet no draw, the rules for moneyline still apply for the payout. South Korea ,the favoured team, is listed as a negative odd, so you would need to wager the value of that odd to win $100 (in this case, $10). If a draw occurs, the bet is refunded. But if South Korea loses the draw no bet, you lose $22.50.

On the other hand, underdog Uruguay has a positive value, so a win by them would be a huge upset. So if you bet $10, you win $17. If it is a draw, the bet soccer team is considered a push and refunded. If Uruguay loses, you lose $10, which is lower than what you would lose if South Korea comes up non-victorious.

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Asian Handicap “Draw No Bet”

What does tie no bet mean in an Asian handicap? While there is a point spread for the Asian handicap bet, there is also a 0 handicap. With the 0 handicap, you either win or lose, or get the refund for your bet if there is a bet draws.

For a draw no bet soccer example for Asian handicap, let’s use as an example the match between Brazil and Argentina. Brazil is considered the favourite, so lower decimal odds will be assigned to them.







Since the numbers in this draw no bet Asian handicap are listed in decimal, you simply have to multiply the number by the amount you bet if you win. If you bet $100 on Brazil and they win, you earn $165, for a total winning of $265. If you lose the draw no bet, you lose $100 to the sportsbook. But if there is a bet draws, the $100 will be returned.

If you instead bet $100 on Argentina and they win, you earn $202, and take home a total of $302. If Argentina lose, your $100 goes to the bookmaker, and if the game ends in a draw no bet, you get your $100 in the same form you got it.

How good a wager is draw no bet?

There are certain bettors who prefer either point spread betting or three-way moneyline/1×2 bet, or the possibility betting on draws, as it offers a thrill from the usual result. However, there are bettors too who like the safety net of getting refunded after a draw, hence the soccer draw no bet.

In this regard, a draw no bet is like the double chance bet, but with the double chance, you could win with a draw. You only pay a higher premium in that case.

Is extra time included in draw no bet?

No, a draw no bet does not include additional time for tournaments. That is why in the UEFA Champions League or World Cup, if after 90 minutes there is still a draw soccer, your bet will push. What happens in the period after to determine the winner will have no bearing on your bet no draw.