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A live casino in Singapore is the best place to test your gambling skills. With games that can test your luck, and you seeing dealers face to face, it really is a treat to be able to flex your gambling skills at a live casino. You also get bonuses for your bets, so you have more to spend, and more to win! 

But first of all, what is a live casino, and how did it get to the status it now has today? We discuss this in further detail in the next section:

History of Live Casino

The idea of a live online casino came about in the 90s. In 1994, Microgaming launched the first online casino. This casino was based in the Isle of Man in the UK with 700 games offered. Many other companies followed suit, and the live casino was launched in 2006. The setup included a gaming table with dealers being filmed and conducting a game as though it were taking place in an actual casino. Unlike today, dial-up Internet was the dominant form of connecting, so there were lags whenever you were playing. This has now been addressed with the progression of Internet connection via broadband and fiber.

Here are the features of the new live casino setup:

  • The play can be recorded and retrieved from the archive.
  • The games are all browser-based, and can be optimised for mobile setup.
  • Seat alert options are activated, so you would know where to go to when you want to play, say, blackjack or baccarat.
  • Six to eight decks are used per game.
  • Live chat is enabled.
  • Chips are clickable and are used for betting in correspondence with your deposited amount.

Advantages of Live Casino

Having a live casino is most definitely a game changer. Here are some of the good things that you could get from a live casino:

  • You no longer have to travel 

You don’t have to go to a casino to enjoy playing and for money. You could just turn on your computer or your device, and play the games you want. This is great news, because you could now all have your casino activities in the place that’s best for you.

  • You free yourself from the distraction of normal casinos

There tends to be a lot of noise in the brick and mortar casino when you’re preparing you hand on the blackjack table. On an online live casino, you need not worry about that.

  • You have convenient ways of betting and wagering

The secure payment system helps you have your money ready instantly to put wagers on different games. After that you could spread it per game you play, and just press instead of signalling to your dealer your bet.

Most Renowned Live Casinos

Let’s go over now to the casinos in Singapore that willn cater to your needs for playing live and wagering good amounts of money.

  • Red19 –

    This live casino is known for its many bets catering particularly to the Singapore market. This gives you a great time. 
  • K9Win –

    This gives users opportunities to play for big money and keep the cash flowing. You could choose from any provider who come up and enjoy all of the games with the dealers.
  • BetVision –

    A premier gaming destination, this casino gives sports betting options as well as live casino options. Not only are you updated with odds, but also stand a chance at winning money at the many selections at the casino.
  • 918Kiss –

    A casino that has many of the finest slots in the region, this platform gives you  the chance to get easy winnings  with intuitive gameplay. This is also compatible with Apple iOs and Android, giving you the total mobile casino experience!
  • Mega888 –

    Another big name in the region, this online gaming platform has slots and fishing games that give you a chance to multiply your earnings. Choose from over hundreds of games and find the winning combination among them!

Have Lots of Fun with Our Live Casinos

All the live casinos we feature here are definitely worth your time. You have the chance to get bonuses and cashbacks when you play, and you could use these to bet more. Nothing can give you more enjoyment through playing. Check our list to know more about the best list casinos here in Singapore!


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