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With Ocean King Online Real Money, you could become master of the seas and lord it all on your way to big bucks. Here, you have the chance to play head-to-head with other people around the world and catch as many fish as you can in the fishing game. You can also enjoy stereo sounds and 3D graphics that enhance what appears to be mere playing into a spectacle.

Here, at most, 6-10 players go head-to-head in an action-packed showdown to become more prosperous in a battle of fish. However, Ocean King could also be played in a single or multi-player type of format in this online fish tables.

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Ocean King Online Real Money Game Features

You will stumble upon many features when you begin playing Ocean King Online Real Money. Below are the features you will be encountering:

  • Fire Dragon Turtle– explodes the character of the same name, destroying the other fish.
  • Darkness Monster– catching this will bring forth Lantern Fish waves to attack the remaining fish.
  • Ancient Crocodile– utilized to obtain crocodile waves killing the other fish.
  • Flaming Dragon– brings forth seven dragon waves, and every wave containing fourth dragons that attacks fish.
  • Thunder Dragon– this will cause eight waves of Thunder Dragons to appear.
  • Mystic Dragon– getting this fish will generate 8 waves and have more chances to kill any fish on the screen.
  • Almighty Octopus– its tentacles go across the screen, hitting all fish in the sea.
  • Emperor Crabs– several crabs peep and go for the fish, bringing you higher scores.

How to Play Ocean King Online Real Money

Turn on Ocean King Online Real Money and begin using the corresponding button to focus your gun on the fishy targets. When you have lined up a fishy thing, press the “shoot” button to get a hit on the fish.. To change your weapon, select the “weapon” button to change the type of gun and net size you are using – there are three main guns which players can switch between at any point in the game.

  • Up to 6, 8 or 10 players acceptable at the same time.
  • You get three interchangeable guns, inclusive of the new Cumulative Super Gun!
  • 16-28 fish and characters can be caught and a lot of different scenes to enjoy.
  • There are several input and output options to suit your location needs

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Other Options for Ocean King Online Real Money

The Ocean King Online Real Money 3 Plus series give you games that give the best fish hunting experience. With these games, you can play alone to beat your personal score or compete with other players for a thrilling experience. Here are the other games you could try:

  • Crab Avengers– The Crab Avengers game is another thing worth checking out. Here there are 30 levels of difficulty, with the crabs increasing As with Ocean King, you have to get fish with the best score to get a chance to become the leader and win. You need to get 30 fish, and later, mini-games come out to bring up your score.
  • Mermaid Legends– This is a fantastic game in Ocean King Online Real Money. and it features new characters that will provide a great gaming experience for new or loyal fish hunters. All in all, 28 fishes appear on the screen. Get 30 levels and go up from four great crab icons and boss fish.
  • Turtles Revenge– While planning Turtle Revenge, you can catch up to 28 fish. Special attractions are Fire Storm, Lightning Chain, Vortex Fish, Golden Treasures, Emperor Crab, Almighty Octopus, Fire Dragon Turtle, Darkness Monster, Ancient Crocodile, and so much more.
  • Monster Awaken– This is the latest to come out in the series, brimming excitement and techniques to beat other players. Here in this Ocean King Online Real Money-like game, there are power-ups and mini-games.
  • Dragon Power– Gear up in a game with 8 to 10 players. A 3D water scene and smooth gameplay drive this Dragon Power game, inspired by Ocean King. Also, there are 26 levels you need to hurdle here.

Win Big with Ocean King Online Real Money!

Get the classic fishing game push you need with Ocean King Online Real Money! With dazzling gameplay that makes you thirst for more, this game will have you blasting it all for the ultimate prize. Check out our featured Singapore online casino that feature this game and make your move now!