Prize TOTO is one of the things Singaporeans and Malaysians try to win out of sheer luck. The stakes are high and everyone is angling to win like TOTO Bet. It gives players an opportunity to guess what numbers will appear in their bet. That is why it is a very interesting proposition to bet on this game.

No one could deny the allure of Prize TOTO for people. That is why we’ve decided to further investigate what makes this game tick.

TOTO Prize Structure

There are different prize groups for TOTO. The prize is dependent on how much of the chosen numbers are a match to the numbers which have won.

Fifty-four percent of sales taken from the draw will be put into the prize pool. This is for distributing prizes that could be won for each of the draws.

For 4D, you win when your 4D number is a match to one of the winning numbers.

Prize GroupNumbers MatchedPrize Amount
Group 1 (Jackpot)6 Winning Numbers38% of prize pool
Group 25 Winning Number + Additional Number8% of prize pool
Group 35 Winning Numbers5.5% of the prize pool
Group 44 Winning Numbers + Additional Number3% of prize pool
Group 54 Winning Numbers$50
Group 63 Winning Numbers + Additional Number$25
Group 73 Winning Numbers$10

After this, there is a complex description of the prize conditions. It depends if you go with the Ordinary and System Entry Prize Table, System Roll Prize Table and the TOTO Prize Table.

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Multiple winners

Should there be more than one winner in each of Groups 1 to 4, prizes will be divided among winners of the respective Group. Also, the prize amounts for Groups 5 to 7 are fixed.

Snowballing of Prize

The prize amount will grow if no winner will be arrived at in Group 1, 2, 3 or 4. The amount is added to the prize amount within the same group of the draw. After that , the Group 1 Prize amount goes only up until the fourth draw. Also, the Prize amounts for Group 2, 3 and 4 all continue to grow until it is won.


A cascade draw happens three straight draws without producing a Group 1 Prize victor. After the fourth straight draw, the jackpot will not snowball. Should there be no Group 1 Prize winner after four straight draws, the last jackpot amount (or 38% of the 4th draw’s prize pool) together with the snowballed amount from the three preceding draws will go down.

Here are the mechanics for how winners will be determined

Prize GroupWinner?
Group 1 (Jackpot)NoNoNoNoNoNo
Group 2YesNoNoNoNoNo
Group 3YesNoNoNo No
Group 4YesNoNoNo
Group 5YesNoNo
Group 6YesNo
Group 7Yes
Outcome of JackpotShared equally among Group 2 winnersShared equally among Group 3 winnersShared equally among Group 4 winnersShared equally among Group 5 winnersShared equally among Group 6 winnersShared equally among Group 7 winners


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Malaysia Prize Structure

Meanwhile in Malaysia, there are also lottery structures for prizes in their lotteries:

  • 4D (for each RM1 Buy) 

In these games, the player wins when the 4D number matches one of the winning numbers drawn:

Prize CategoryBigSmall
1st PrizeRM 2500RM 3500
2nd PrizeRM 1000RM 2000
3rd PrizeRM 500RM 1000
Starter / SpecialRM 180
ConsolationRM 60
  • 4D iPerm

For the iPerm game, you win when any permutation of your 4D number is a matches a winning number. The odds are more in your favour, and payouts changed according to the kinds of permutations.

BigiPerm 24iPerm 12iPerm 6iPerm 4
1st PrizeRM 109RM 209RM 417RM 625
2nd PrizeRM 42RM 84RM 167RM 250
3rd Prize RM 21RM 42RM 84RM 125
StarterRM 8RM 15RM 30RM 45
Consolation PrizeRM 3RM 5RM 10RM 15
SmalliPerm 24iPerm 12iPerm 6iPerm 4
1st PrizeRM 146RM 292RM 584RM 875
2nd PrizeRM 84RM 167RM 334RM 500
3rd PrizeRM 42RM 84RM 167RM 250

Different Lotteries and Prize Toto in Singapore and Malaysia

Prize Toto is just the tip of the iceberg for the lottery. At the moment, the Singapore Pools are operating three lottery games:

  • TOTO: a 6 out of 49 lottery that is drawn on every Monday and Thursday/Friday
  • 4D: a pick four lottery which is seen every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Singapore Sweep: sweepstakes or raffle-style lottery with a draw on a month’s first Wednesday.

Tips for Lottery Betting

There are things that you have to do in order to be successful at betting in Prize Toto.