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Singapore Toto History is a rich and eventful one. The game started with legalizing the form of lottery in the nation state. Many people have been asking regarding the beginnings of this pastime, and for that reason we will be discussing in detail how Singapore came to be.

Why is the Game Called TOTO?

Singapore History TOTO was the first ever lottery game in Singapore Pools. The name is taken from the combined words of “Totalisator” and “Lotto.” The game changed throughout the years after that.

When Did Toto Start in Singapore?

Singapore Toto began in 1968. It was created in response to illegal gambling in the city-state in the 1960s. A manual form of Toto was then established, and in 1981, the concept of “snowballing” was made, allowing the prize to come up from draw to draw.

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What are the changes that have happened in Singapore TOTO history?

In June 1988, the game’s format was updated from a “5-out-of-49” to a “6-out-of-42” format. The highest prize was then raised to $300,000. The game was then changed in 1997 to a “6-out-of-45” format, bringing a Jackpot prize of $500,000.

In October 2014, TOTO was then changed to its present format. Now, six Winning numbers and an additional one are taken from 49 numbers every Monday and Thursday. The jackpots sum starts from $1,000,000.

How Does TOTO Singapore History Function?

For the draws under the general TOTO Game Rules, there are six different numbers drawn of of 49, ranging from 1 to 49. After the 6 numbers are drawn, the Company shall get 1 more number from those that remain.

Where is TOTO History usually displayed?

Apart from Singapore Pools, the results of TOTO are shown on Singapore casino sites. They usually have a special section devoted to the lottery. Not only Singapore TOTO is shown, but also Singapore 4D, Malaysia 4D and TOTO and others.

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According to Singapore TOTO History, what are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the TOTO Jackpot are in almost 14 million.

Prize Grp

Matched Nos.



6 Winning Numbers

1 in 13,983,816


5 Winning Nos + Add’l No.

1 in 2,330,636


5 Winning Nos.

1 in 55,491


4 Winning Nos + Add’l No.

1 in 22,197


4 Winning Nos.

1 in 1,083


3 Winning Nos + Add’l No

1 in 812


3 Winning Nos.

1 in 61


Any of the above

1 in 54

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A new development in Singapore TOTO History is that you could now play and view lottery results as they come out in online casinos. This make it convenient for players, as they no longer have to travel to play or see the results. If you got what it takes to play Singapore TOTO Bet and guess the proper number to win the jackpot, do it now–and do it responsibly!