Going to an Asia bookie for betting on Asian handicap is a common practice in Singapore and other Asian countries. However, a lot of people seem to be careless when it comes to betting. A popular betting odd they engage in is Asian bookie handicap. But what is Asian handicap, and what is handicap in betting? I will now explain to you this popular soccer handicap betting method and how you can maximize it for your betting.

What is Asian Handicap?

First of all, we have to learn the Asian handicap meaning. is a bet assigned to odds to lever the playing. This is done adding a handicap. The minus symbol is assigned to the favoured team, while the plus symbol is given tot eh underdogs. The betting options are referred to as lines.

For a view of the Singapore Pools Asian handicap table, see the table below.

asian handicap table

At first look, this soccer handicap table may look intimidating. However, once you get used to betting handicap, you will have each handicap and corresponding outcome memorized.

Now, let’s have some concrete examples of the handicap markets, in the context of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There are a lot of great teams involved in the cup, and all Asian bookies football have published Asian handicap odds for these events as of now.

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Asian Handicap of 0.0

First, let’s look at an England v USA match, with both teams on level terms. Therefore, a handicap in betting is not applied yet. Here are the odds:

  • England odds 1.75
  • USA odds 1.40

If you bet on USA for $100 on this 0.0 football handicap line, here are the results:

  • USA wins, you win the bet
  • If a draw occurs, the whole stake is refunded
  • If USA loses, you lose the whole bet.

0.25 Handicap

Now, let’s try adding a handicap, starting with the smallest, 0.25. The game begins with a score of 0-0.25 The underdog side will have a quarter goal lead prior to kick off.

Two teams are as follows:

  • Argentina @1.82
  • Saudi Arabia @2.05

Say, you place a bet handicap on Argentina to win the win the game $100 on a -0.25 Asian betting handicap odd.

  • If Argentina wins, you win the bet.
  • If there is a draw, you lose half the stake ($50); the other half is refunded.
  • If Argentina loses, your whole bet loses.

Now let’s say you place a soccer handicap bet ($100) on Saudi Arabia. Here are the likely bet handicap outcomes:

  • If Saudi Arabia wins, you win the bet handicap.
  • If it ends in a draw after 90 minutes, you win $50 more (half of what you wagered).
  • If Saudi Arabia loses, you lose your entire stake.

0.5 Handicap

Next up is the 0.5 betting handicap. The game begins 0:0.5, or a half goal Asian handicap. The outsider team has a half-goal advantage prior to kickoff.

  • Poland @1.76
  • Mexico @2.00

You bet $100 on Mexico to win on an Asian bookies football handicap of +0.5

  • If Mexico wins, or the game will end in a draw, you win.
  • If they lose, you lose your wager.

If however, you bet on Poland for the same amount, the handicap bet will be -0.5:

  • If Poland wins, you win your wager.
  • If they draw or lose, you lose your bet in Asia.

We can see in this example that in a half-point Asian handicap odds, the draw is advantageous to the underdog team.

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0.75 Handicap

Here the game has a score of 0:0.75 (3/4 goal handicap). The underdog team has a start of ¾ goals:

  • Portugal @1.80
  • Korea Republic @2.04

For example, you bet $100 on Portugal to win the match on a -0.75 bet handicap. Here are the possible outcomes:

  • If Portugal wins by at least two goals, you win the whole amount.
  • If Portugal wins by just one goal, you win just half of your stake ($50)
  • If there is a draw or Korea wins, you lose the bet.

On the flipside, you bet Korea Republic to win on a +0.75 Asian bookie handicap. Here are the outcomes.

  • If Korea wins or a draw happens at the end, your bet will win.
  • If they lose by 1 goal, you lose half of your wagered amount ($50), the rest will be returned to you.
  • If they lose by two or more goals, your wager loses.

1.0 Handicap

The last example is the handicap for 1 whole goal. Before the game, the underdog has a head start of a single goal prior to kickoff.

  • Germany @1.70
  • Japan @2.00

If you placed an Asian bookie handicap bet on Germany for $100 (-1.00), this will be the results of your bet

  • If Germany wins by 2 goals, they win the whole bet.
  • If they win by just one goal, the amount will just be refunded to them.
  • If the game ends in a draw, or if Germany loses, the bet loses.

If you put a handicap football bet on Japan for $100 (+1.00), here are the likely outcomes:

  • If Japan wins or the game ends in a draw, the bettor wins the half time and full time bets.
  • If Japan loses by 1 goal, the amount the bettor wagers will be returned to them.
  • If Japan loses by 2 goals, the bettor loses his whole stake.

Other available Asian Handicaps

Having a working knowledge of the Asian handicaps will lead you to understand the other examples better. There are ranges leading to -1.25, -2 and -2.5 among others.

You would usually find these Asian handicaps in other websites, listed in different forms. They usually also provide an Asian handicap calculator, keeping you in the know.


All in all, the Asian handicap is one of the most recommended type for neophytes. But of course, they need better understanding of the lines and outcomes like 1×2 betting. Once you do, you will be able to use the Asia betting odds to your advantage.