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Corners betting is an oft overlooked betting type that people sometimes disregard. It is actually a much revered betting type, since you bet primarily on the corners you could score. Here in this article, we will explain what is a corner in football, and try to learn more about corners betting, and how it could help.

What are Corners in Soccer?

What is a corner kick? A corner kick in soccer definition is when a team kicks in from the corner of their net (where their keeper is). No matter types of corners, it is awarded when the ball goes out of play along the line where the opposing team’s goal is, and the opposing team was the last to touch it. A corner range is crucial, as the Both Teams To Score awarded could immediately score from it, as the opposing team’s goal is within kicking corner range from the team. That, simply, is how to play corner in football.

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Why Should You Bet on Corners?

Corners prediction are enticing because they are valuable. It is not true, however, that they are valuable only if they lead to a goal.

The odds of best corners usually take up numbers like averages and totals. Just a small part of the whole money is placed on corner bets. This would make corner bets enthusiasts channel their energies on the correct odds.

Statistics in Predicting Corners

Now let us go to these soccer betting odds explained. One of the strong things you should consider for total corner predictions is how much a certain team would possess the ball. This would cause them to have corners and would affect your corners bets prediction. For example, on your research on Arsenal, you discover that the average 63% possession of the ball, with 65% at home. This should lead you to formulate how much they will have the ball. That is the corner match bet explained.

Say, in their corner stats, Arsenal tallies an average of 7.15 corners per game in the Premier League, with the total average per game being at 9.27. These statistics are available for markets such as Asian Corners, Team Corners, Alternative corners, eight corners market and corner match winner.

Different Types of Corner match bet explained

While corner kick strategy bets appear as just that, there are actually many types of bets, Here they are:

  • Handicap corners betting

In this corner prediction you balance an attacking team which has many corners, and a defensive team which doesn’t have a high corner range.

  • Half time corners

Here you bet on the team with the most number of total corner at half-time.

  • Total Corners

Here, you simply have to bet on the total corner number of corners by both teams. You will simply pick whether your wager is over or under the said amount.

  • “First to”

In this bet, you have to wager on which of two teams will be getting a specific number of corners prediction.

  • First and last corner

This is a bet on if a team will get the first or last corners in soccer match.

  • Corner match bet

Here you make a bet on who will have the most total corners.

Corner Handicap

This is an example of corner spread betting. Here, the higher the handicap, the fewer corners a team will begin with. The usual beginning point for bookies is -1, or the team you begin is with -1 corner predictions. To win, your team has to have 2 or more corners than their opponents.

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How to Find Effective Corner Bet Tips

  • Look for best corners matches that pit a stronger team against a weaker one.
  • Bet on the total number to be over or under the baseline on the sites.
  • Should half time and full time bets end in a draw, for example 1-1, make a bet the more corners take place in the second half than the first.
  • If the stronger team loses the first half, bet on the stronger team to have more corners.
  • Don’t place bets on no corners.
  • Do not put bets on even/odd corners except for accumulators.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Corners


  1. There is a lot of variety for you to select from better options. Corners betting are a huge market to choose when you bet on the market.
  2. You may be able to easily research on the likeliness of corner kick strategy occurring during the match.
  3. There are in-play gambling for punters, which gives more corner bets markets.
  4. There is value here, like you could choose an unknown fixture with odds for great winnings.


  1. Corners betting is high reliant on luck. If you bet on odds or evens, there is no way of telling immediately.
  2. You would need to invest a great amount of time in this type of corner bet.

Finding Fixtures

You should go ahead with looking for the types of corners plays where you could earn money. Look at the possible leagues available for soccer corners-heavy matches. Instead of the first division, try also looking at the leagues under it. They may have good corner stats which can unexpectedly land you big bucks on your bankroll. Check your corners tally also so you have a clue on which matches corners betting is lucrative.


Yes, you may bet on other strategies in this corner betting market.

If you want to know the exact number of what are corners in soccer, the answer may be tricky. The betting odds are good, but it will be hard to guess the number, so you need leeway on predicting if there will be more or less that a certain number of corners.

This means you can wager that there will be 4 or more total corner by the end of the day.

You could search all over the Internet for possible ways to bet on corners.