What is multi-goal betting? It is wagering on more than one goal in the game. Many bettors are going ahead and placing bets on a game, and on who will win, but they don’t know that it’s possible to just bet on the multi-goal score.

The bettor will have a wide range of goals to select from. For the goal bets, they can pick whether the whole goals are in the range during regular play, or 90 minutes and stoppage time.

Does it Matter if the Team wins in Multi-Goal betting?

It doesn’t matter if the team you backed wins the match or not. Some sportsbooks also tend to label this market “Total Band Bet football” or “Total Goal Bands”.

Types of Multi-Goal Bets

Apart from half time and full time bets multi scores betting, you could limit your wager in the 1st half and 2nd half, or home/away team. There are three different options for multi-goal betting in soccer:

  1. Half overall goals
  2. Per match goals: total number of goals
  3. Goals for a single team: the goals made by a team in the match.

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Home Team/ Away Team Multi Goal Betting

Apart from goal bets on the combined goals for both teams, you may wager on one team scoring a certain number of goals. For example, there is a selection that PSG will score 1-2 goals in their match against Arsenal, priced at 2.05. If PSG scores only, and only within that range, your goal bet wins an extra $205 on top of their bet.

First Half/Second Half Goals

You can also place bets on how many will be scored in a certain half. For example, Manchester United and Liverpool have a match, and the goal count bet is [email protected]. If United score three goals in the half, you win the goal bet and get $180 for a $100 bet, bringing your total winnings to $280.

Strategy for Betting on Multiple Goals

Just like 1xbet football strategy, wagering on multiple goals Here are some multiple bet tips strategies you could use for online betting on multi goals.

For 0-1 multi-goal bets:

  • If the two teams score fewer goals on average.
  • When the top scorers aren’t playing in the match.
  • If the weather does not allow a football match at highest level.

You may select a multi-goal 2-3 game for betting for the criteria.

  • If the teams score an average of 0.8-1.5 goals per game.
  • Each team’s victory coefficient will not go past 3.00.

You can bet on 4-5 multi goal on these conditions:

  • When the favoured team plays home with a clear outsider
  • When the home favourite has 2.5 goals on average for a match.
  • When the visiting side is in the worst three teams for championship in conceded goals.

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Pointers for Multi-Goal Betting

There are goal pointers for those who look to bet on a diverse goal. Here are some multigoal betting tips for you to win as many as you can in this type of wagering:

  • Look at the Weather

Observe the trends in the local place to see how many goals can be scored under those conditions. Doing this will factor into your goal betting.

  • Get the Performances of Both Teams

Watch games in advance, or read up on the recent matches by the two sides. How they fare on these days can tell how they will be performing on this day.

  • Look at the Kind of Game

See if it is a league game, a friendly or a domestic/ international cup game. Depending on the prominence of the game, the club will likely field players who have lower stats than usual. This will have an impact on your bet on goals.

  • Update Yourself with the Lineup

Even if the lineup is announced before the game, you can check the available players on prediction sites and articles. Only during live betting can you do goal betting on the current lineup.

Final Word on Multi-Goal Betting

Doing multi-goal betting is easy, but deep to understand. You can have loads of opportunities knowing the stats. Also, learning it is simple, so newcomers can learn new skills with benefits.

For these types of multiscores games, you also have flexibility with many markets. Remember, you have to pay attention to the goals more than anything else.


Multi-goal betting is where you try to accurately check the goal range for both sides following the match. This is exclusive of extra time or penalties.

No, it’s not: what matters is the combined goals within the range.

1st half/2nd half multi goal and multi goal betting on the Home Side and Away Side. In the first type of set, you select a range for either the 1st or 2nd half. To win the bet, the goals together should be in the chosen range and chosen half.
In the second type of bet, you select a multi-goal line for one team, and choose if the goal betting type wins or not.