Online betting Singapore is highly popular and its popularity due to the football because of the World Cup is about to explode. People will also be sports betting on numerous other events, so there is a high demand for it. And while Singapore Sports Pools is the most popular venue, there are other websites that cater to the SG sports pool market that offer it as a package.

As a punter, you must know the key aspects of the market. Now, we will be giving you tips on how to create your Singapore bet on goals. See more in this bet guide:

How online betting Singapore works

A bookie Singapore will set odds which show the ratio between stake and wins on a certain outcome. In Asia, the odds are displayed in decimal form. For instance, if the outcome of an SG football bet has odds of 1.99, you will win $1.99 for every dollar ($1) you place on your Singapore bet.

All About Singapore Pools

The Singapore Pools Betting Online is the premier betting venue for people in Singapore. It is regulated by the government. For a while this was the venue to bet on if you wanted to legally gamble in Singapore bet. However, with the growth of several betting sites, Singaporeans now have more options. They are no longer confined to the limited betting options on the Singapore Pools Betting Online and Singapore Turf Club; they can also bet on other sites with the convenience of their own currency and money.

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Sports That Singapore Bettors Wager On

  • Football

Football is the passion of every Singaporean, with every SG football odds listed on the betting sites Singapore. The English Premier League is the most popular domestic league for Singapore sportsbook betting, while the UEFA Champions League sees all the best clubs in Europe compete for the top prize. However, the most anticipated is the World Cup, with all countries competing to be the best in football or soccer betting Singapore.

  • Horse Racing

Singapore betting sites odds are also done on horse racing. While controlled by the Singapore Turf Club for a long period, you can also bet on this using other Singapore betting sites now. You pick a horse that you think will win a race, and watch as the race takes place to see if your bet wins.

  • Basketball

Apart from online football betting Singapore, basketball in SG also has a fanbase and attract bets. The most popular league is the National Basketball Association or NBA, but there are also numerous other tournaments in Asia, Australia and Europe. All of these command a great number of Singapore live sports betting. 

  • Cricket

With a sizable following in Singapore, especially among those with Indian heritage, cricket also makes up a good part of Singapore sports betting. The Indian Premier League is the most popular league for SG sports betting, but there are also tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, wherein bookie Singapore also lists Spore Pool odds.

Online Betting Singapore Bet Types

This is the most simple kind of Singapore football betting wherein you get the result of a football match. You could either bet on the home team winning, a draw or the away team losing. The outcome of the SG sports pool odd is paid after 90 minutes, so if the score is equal then, the draw wins, no matter the outcome.

  • Bet Builder

In this type of betting Singapore, bets of outcome from a single match are accumulate every winning bet. Such bets put together outcomes from one match rather than just one match. These bets are less likely to factor in because of the bets that need to take place.

The online sports betting Singapore odd is recommended if you have a good knowledge about what happens to both teams, and wish to put small stake bets for high odds that can be done through combining outcomes, more than just betting on the market.

Player props

Singapore sportsbook betting has evolved through markets given for EPL and international games. This differs from goal scoring or card markets, and has the ability to bet on players for a certain number of shots, or tackles.

Examples of props markets for Singapore sports pool betting include the following:

  • Number of free kicks
  • Number of corners
  • First to score
  • Last to score
  • Number of three point shots

Such bets are utilized by Singapore bookies for boosted odds for more value to players. However, you need to be cautious on the stake on the bets. This is because sports can be unpredictable.

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Asian Handicap Singapore Bet

An Asian handicap bet in SG sport betting will be one in which your chosen bet has a handicap for overcoming. What will make the bet unique is it takes out getting a draw in betting terms. These can be denoted in whole, half and quarter handicap, and assigned a plus or minus, depending on the handicap.

Over/Under Betting:

In this Singapore bet type, this is a bet on the number of times something will happen in an events, most notably goals. The Singapore bookies will set aside a baseline number for a game, and you will bet on if there will be more (over) or fewer (Under) that number. This baseline number is not a whole number, so you can be sure the outcome will either be over or under.

Time Bets: Half-time/Full-time

You can place bets on the results for first half and second half outcomes on a betting website Singapore. With this bet, the bettor must be keen to indicate the sides that finish games strong or weak. Having a background about the opposing sides would surely help you as you take on this in betting sites Singapore.

Double chance betting

You could place bets on two of three results on football odds Singapore, so that you can get a better chance of winning. The combinations are as such: (1) Home team or draw; (2) Away team or draw; (3) Home team or away side. If either of the combinations win, you will be paid out money. You have lower odds betting on a single match because there is a bigger chance of winning. If a bettor wants to lessen the risk of losing, this could be a good bet to get into on Singapore betting sites.


This puts together a lot of selections into a single Singapore bet, and are among the most famous types of sports betting. They give the best returns for minor stakes, since the winning from each selection is put on the following one. Also known as parlay, these Spore pool odds bets present a risk that all the bets need to win so that the bettor gets a payout.

In-Play Football Betting

Here, you need to bet on an outcome in an event on betting sites, including the next side to score in a game. Bookmakers have many markets, which team gets the next corner, or who will get a red card.

Draw No Bet Betting Singapore

Here, you bet on the outcome of the match in sports betting Singapore, but if the game will end in a draw, the stake will be refunded to you. Because draws happen commonly, the odds are lower than the other markets.


Online sports betting in Singapore capitalizes on a lot of markets, and there are several bookmakers, so accessibility can get you a headstart. If you just stick to safe betting and find good-value odds, you’ll find that you can have lots of fun sticking to standard bets. Have fun with online betting Singapore and Singapore online casino remember to wager responsibly!