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What does PK mean in sports betting? PK definition introduced and new and exciting way of betting. It is part of the point spread betting style, which does not reward an outright win. It essentially is the same as a draw no bet type of wager. If you want a pick’em type of bet it gives you a 50-50 chance of winning.

Let’s further examine what is PK in soccer by going through this article.

Example of PK Betting

So what is PK in betting? PK does not stand for the penalty kick in soccer definition here. Instead, it means “pick’em”. It is a point spread where neither team gets points. It is represented as +0 or -0. A PK soccer bet is chosen when two teams are graded by oddsmakers to be equal in strength. It is also an interesting way to bet on the point spread, which has been in use since World War II. If you become a master at point spread betting, you become a genuine handicapper and do well with the PK game.

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Uneven Bet

To understand what does PK mean in soccer betting, let’s look at a PK Game example where there is a clear favourite and an underdog. The World Cup fixture is for Spain vs Costa Rica:

Spain (-1.5) = 1.82

Costa Rica (1.5) = 2.09

Here, the point spread has Spain winning by two or more goals. The soccer PK bet value is lower compared to the one for Costa Rica, which makes the coverage of the point spread in the win very likely to happen. But if the PK game result is Spain winning 2-1, the spread is not covered, and if the handicap is applied to Spain (2 minus 1.5), the adjusted score is 0.5-1. This makes Costa Rica’s score bigger and therefore the winner in the handicap, so the bettor loses the PK in football bet.

On the other hand, Costa Rica has a handicap of +1.5 goals with an odds of 2.09. The high value means that the probability of Costa Rica covering the PK soccer point spread unlikely to happen. If however Costa Rica just loses by by 1 goal , +1.5 is added to Costa Rica (making the new score 2-2.5). Thus Costa Rica is the winner in the adjusted score.

PK Bet

Now we move on to a more even betting field, an example of what does PK mean.  Let’s look at this game between Uruguay and South Korea:

Uruguay (0) = 1.72

South Korea (0)  = 1.72

Here in this PK spread example, the 0 handicap is applied. There is no clear favoured or underdog in this PK in sports betting match, so the odds of them both winning are the same. Thus, it becomes a simple moneyline PK bet, wherein you bet on the winning or losing side. If it is a half time and full time bets odds, if the PK game ends in a draw after 90 minutes, a push occurs and  the money is refunded.

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Point Spread PK Betting is Dynamic

Point spread betting also changes over time, so you can do a soccer PK bet at anytime. You should check out multiple sportsbooks for options for the best numbers, as well as the odds that correspond to your guess. If you start early, you get an opportunity to hedge your PK definition bet and/or middle match later.

So what does PK mean in this case? Let’s see an example of a PK betting change: The game for Spain and Germany opens with the bets almost even:

Spain (0) = 1.76

Germany (0) = 1.80

In the following days, PK spread bettors place their bets on either team. A week later, however, Spain thrashed Costa Rica 4-1, and Germany lost to Japan 1-2. Pk game Players’ statuses may also have changed. Thus the odds could look like this:

Spain (-1)  =1.69

Germany (-1) = 2.00

If you are an astute bettor, you will pay attention to PK spread lines like these. Either you hold off your bet, or bet early, or even bet multiple times on the same game. This could increase your chance of PK sports betting football winning, but also presents risks of losing a great amount in the long run.

Betting using PK requires experience.

So what does PK mean for you here? You have to consider two huge factors, and they are knowledge and experience. You will then notice what betting PK will work for you and what makes your betting strategy effective. Research very well what does PK mean in soccer betting, so that you don’t purely rely on emotions.

  • Home field advantage: To improve on handicapping, put together two factors: knowledge and experience. Playing at home in a PK game for a team, is great, but it doesn’t guarantee they’ll win. Bookmakers give varied number of points based on home turf.
  • Statistics: These spread PK statistics are dependent on the sport. Each sport has different ways of measuring statistics, but with more information, the better you will be able to make a decision. If you have a different point of view from oddmakers on the stats of a game, you could use it to your advantage.
  • Rankings: Websites have their own rankings for the sports teams and players based on their statistics. You can use this as basis when you do your PK sports betting on the different sports.

Turn to Professional Help

With professional help, you could do  good on the PK bet. There are also professional bettors on handicap that help out PF bettors. If you want to play purely for entertainment, you could do casual PK soccer betting on your own. But if you want to bet make money, hiring a handicapper is recommended.

With the right help, you will be able to master what does PK mean for your betting game. Take all these tips to heart, and enjoy PK betting in our featured Singapore online casino!