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Singapore Sweep 03 03 21 is just an example of a draw in a sweep result for Singapore’s premiere lottery. These results are always hotly anticipated by bettors who wish to try their luck in a guessing game like Horse Betting Singapore. In a city state where legal gambling is somewhat hard to get by, seeing the horses race online is still something many would do.

History of Singapore Sweep 03 03 21

In 1969, the event known originally as the Big Sweep was hosted by Singapore Pools in 1969 to raise funds to construct the National Stadium. A ticket cost $1, and first prize was $400,000. The game then delivered $14.5 million to construction of the stadium, until 1973.

In 1981, the first prize went up to $600,000. A year later, the prize was increased to $1 million and the ticket price to $2. Four years later, Singapore contributed $45 million to making the Singapore Indoor Stadium over three years.

What Makes Singapore Sweep different from 4D and TOTO?

Singapore sweep is actually a 7-digit lottery game that Singapore pools has. Each of those taking part has to select a 7-digit number between 100000 to 4499999. There are also 3.5 million tickets which have various combinations that is sold for every draw. This gives all participants similar odds of picking good tickets.

Singapore sweep differs somewhat from TOTO and 4D because the draws happen just once a week, making it more exciting. Because of this, you have more time to buy the tickets.

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Singapore Sweep Historic Result

You can also see past results, as they are usually published on the sites and not taken down. The Singapore sweep 03 03 21 will have been posted but they also are accurate and list down everything. 

How do I check Singapore Sweep results? You can do it via a locator on the Singapore Pools website itself. Just enter the draw, the dates included and the category of the game you want to play.

Checking the Lotto Authority’s Results Pages

The Lottery Authority of Singapore also shows that people are still after legal gambling, and Singapore Sweep is one of the great venues to do so. Singapore Pools, as well as several betting sites post up the results. 4D Singapore lottery results are also posted. Singapore Sweep 03 03 21 is just one of those dates wherein the lottery results for 4D, TOTO are posted; there are many others.

Dates are Also Posted

Big Sweep results are usually announced in advance. The order of winning numbers that are announced are as follows: first, second and third, jackpot prizes, lucky prizes and gift prizes. They promise great amounts in the millions, as the jackpot snowballs over.

Watch Results Live on the Game

You could also catch the results as they come in on these sites. They have all the Singapore Pools Winning numbers listed on the sites. You may also play on some of these sites as they allow it.

The results displayed include the following:

How do I bet on Singapore Sweep?

Now that you have an idea on Singapore Sweep 03 03 21, you  could now prepare yourself to bet. The sweep tickets could be bought over the counter, or via a 4D lottery ticket.

At the Singapore Pools outlets, participants may put bets in 4 distinct ways. You just have to inform the staff which one you prefer.

  1. Quick Pick

Here, the system will come up with all the 7-digit numbers in the outlet.

  1. 100 Numbers

Those who take part in the Singapore lottery game get 100 numbers that fall in a running sequence. The final two digits for the game go between 00-99 and are given the letters “RR”. All of the designated numbers will be on one slip.

  1. 1st Digit

In this game, the player will select the first digit from the 7, and the system will come up with the rest.

  1. Last Four Digit

The player select the last four digits from the seven, and the system will come up with the rest. Do note that the first and last four digits can’t be selected for Singapore Sweep 03 03 21.

You will then get a ticket for the 4D bet and Singapore sweep during your submission. Unless you are making a quick pick game, check that the numbers on your ticket are those you selected. The tickets are priced at $3 each and are on sale until 6:00 PM SG time.

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When Do the Singapore Sweep 03 03 21 Draws Happen?

The draws take place on the first Wednesday every month at 6:30 PM.

133 sets of 7 digit numbers are always drawn, plus just 9 two-digit winning numbers. The winning 2 digits pertain to the last two digits in the 7-digit number.

  • 7-Digit Draw

If the number on your ticket is the same as one or more of the 133 winning 7 digit numbers selected, you will get a cash prize. The minimum of cash you get here is $1,000, and the maximum amount is $2.3 million.

  • 2-Digit-Draw

If the final 2-digit numbers on the ticket are the same as any of the numbers drawn, you get a $6 cash prize.

Prizes are given at the end of the draw. Claiming the prize is done at a Singapore Pools outlet.

Singapore Sweeps 03 03 21 – How Do You Get the Winning Prize!

Winning the Singapore Sweeps 03 03 21 usually takes 1 in 11 chances. For the first prize though, the odds increase to 1/ 3.5 million. If you have a ticket that could get you more than one prize, you could get all prizes linked with the Singapore Sweeps 03 03 21 results, albeit rare. This should alert you to wager responsibly and restrain yourself.

Singapore Sweep 03 03 21 Makes It All Worth It

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