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Essentials of Betting on Singapore Pools Football Odds and Fixtures

People bet on Singapore Pools football odds all the time. Many football-crazy people make it a point to bet. The odds vary per day and are competitive to guarantee a huge payday. However, there are still some Singaporeans who do not know Singapore pools sports odds work. One should have a closer peek of these Singapore Football Odds and how they affect your betting performance.

Many people always look to current odds Singapore Pools in hopes of a big payday in sports betting. But people don’t have an idea of a Singapore Pool Odd to bet on. This is why we will now give you a guide on Singapore Pools odds football, and how to bet on these types of odds.

What is Singapore Pools

Before we delve into the world of Singapore Pools SG sports odds, we have to know what Singapore Pools is. The government created Singapore Pools to have a trustworthy, safe and legal venue for members of the city-state to gamble. It was established in 19868 to curb rampant illegal gambling back then.

Singapore Pools live odds is a subsidiary of the Tote Board, which itself reports to the ministry of Finance. The organization’s values include the following: Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Customer Care, Community and One Organization.

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Other Operations of Singapore Pools Live Match

Apart from Singapore Pools soccer bet type, they also operate lotteries and is in charge of horse racing. Lottery products of soccer odds Singapore Pools include TOTO, Singapore Sweep and 4D.

While Singapore Pools Sports Pool is for legal gambling purposes, there is a limited selection and not enticing for some users. That is why they also turn to other websites for other Singapore Pool football odd and fixtures. These sites are usually trusted, and using them is perfectly legal, as it does not violate gambling laws as people just use them in their own space.

When Do Singapore Soccer Odds Come Into Play?

Singapore Pool soccer odds usually occur during sporting events or big seasons. The most followed football season is the European football season, which usually begins in August and ends in May (except in the  2020 season wherein the pandemic took over). Now, the time has returned to normal and one could bet on the sport following how it proceeded in the past.

Among the Singapore Pools Sports Odds events Singaporeans like to bet on include the following:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Ligue 1
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League

Types of Singapore Betting Odds

Singaporeans could choose from a plethora of odds that users see on Singapore Pools sports football odds results and other types of betting. These include the following:

Full-Time Betting Times

This is the result for the full time Singapore Pools odds and fixtures bet types, plus live betting, occurred on regulation time. Regulation time lasts 90 minutes or any other time designated by the referee.

Full time betting includes:

  • Injury Time

It excludes:

Examples of full-time betting include 1X2 betting, Pick the Score, Halftime-Fulltime, Team to Score 1st Goal, team to score Xth goal, team to score last, total goals, Asian Handicap and more.

Half-Time Betting Times

These include half-time betting times, including live betting, which occurs in half-regulation time. This includes 45 minutes or any other time indicated by the organizer. It includes injury time and excludes extra time.

Extra Time Bet Types

For extra time betting, there are also a set of bets available for that purpose. “Extra time” is 30 minutes, or any other time that is decided by the referee or competition organizer.

Extra time bets include:

  • Injury time

The bets are exclusive of:

  • Golden/silver goals
  • Penalty shootouts

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Special Singapore Pools Bet Types

There are also other Singapore Pools Fixtures and Odds that could be determined by results in the game. We take a closer look at them right now:

Championship Winner

Selection Type: The Company will make the selections from teams in the Championship

Result: The Championship winner


  1. There will be no refund of bets if the participant’s team in the selection takes part in, but will not complete or finish the Championship.
  2. Their will be a refund of bets if the Championship will take place, but the selection participant’s team will not for any reason take part in the Championship.
  3. There will a refund of the Singapore pool football bet type if they cancel the Championship for any reason before completion.
  4. To avoid any doubt, any changes to the points, goal difference, or any other attribute of any team(s) by the organizing body of the league/tournament after the company has declared the winning selection of the opening odds Singapore Pools will not count towards the Result. Just the amendments to the points, goal difference or any other selection of the team by the league/tournament prior to declaration by the company of the selection winning shall be directed

How Will Match Be Decided

Selections: For this Singapore Pool football bet type, here are the selections between Team A and Team B;

  • Team(A) will win at the end of Regulation Time (Team(A) will win at Fulltime)
  • Team(B) to win at the end of Regulation Time (Team(B) to win at Fulltime)
  • Team(A) to win in extra time
  • Team(B) to win in extra time
  • Team(A) to win on penalty shootouts (if applicable, sudden death)
  • Team(B) to win on penalty shootouts (if applicable, sudden death)

Result: The result according to the outcome of the Singapore Pools Live Match will be decided.


  1. To avoid doubt, subsequent amendments to points, goal difference or any other attribute of the team that was created by the organizing body of the chosen league after the company has made the victorious selection will not count toward the Singapore Pools SG sports results. 
  2. For avoiding doubt, if the SG Pools odds match is called off and treated as abandoned, postponed, suspended or cancelled before the bet type is determined, the bets are void and refunded.

Example: For the UEFA Champions League Final, Real Madrid and Barcelona drew 1-1 in regulation time. Barcelona won in Extra Time. The winning selection for “how match will be decided” is “Barcelona to Win in Extra Time.”

Top Goal Scorer Bet:

Selections: For this Singapore Pools soccer betting type the bet is placed on the person who scores the most goals in a game.


  • Such players from the teams taking place in the tournament/competition concerned, as could be selected by the company in absolute discretion.
  • A player from any team who was not included as a selected player in the Singapore Pools Soccer Bet Type (“Player Not Listed”)

Result: The player who has scored the highest total number of goals at the end of the competition or tournament.


  1. Own goals and goals in penalty shoot outs made to determine the winning team is not a valid Singapore soccer odds goal.
  2. Goals in Extra Time (where applicable) are “Valid Goals”.
  3. There will be a refund of bets on a selected player if the player has not played in a Singapore Pools football odds match in the competitions.
  4. Their will be no refund on a bet on a certain player if the selected player has played in at least a match in the tournament/competition.
  5. There will be no refund on “Player Not Listed” under any circumstances.
  6. A selection Number is a number for  the Selected Player by the organization for identifying on the Singapore Pools Football Odds and Fixtures slip. This selection number may or may not be in tune or tally with the number(s) of the jersey(s) as worn by selected player. 

Asian Handicap

Selections: Home team that has positive or negative handicap X

                     Away team that has positive or negative handicap X

Wherein X is a number that the company has to determine in its sole and absolute discretion, with the handicap line(s) applied to the total number of goals by a particular team on the Full time Score. The company will adjust the value of “X” when needed.

Singapore Pools sports football result: The team that has the most number of goals in the new Full Time Score after placing the handicaps, and the case of bets after the March kickoff, after knowing the score at the time the wager is made.

There is a refund of the bets if both teams have the same goals after the assigned handicaps.

Provision: to avoid doubt where there is a cancellation of Singapore Pools football odds match is called off, there will be a refund and voiding of bets.

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