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1×2 Betting could make your winnings high with great betting. You could also easily guess the result on the games with the type of 1xbet free tips: if the home team wins, if the result is a draw or if the home team loses.

So what is 1×2 betting? Soccer odds 1×2 betting is highly famous in football, and is also referred to as half time and full time bets result, three way bet or match betting. Let’s get to know more about 1×2 betting meaning in this article.

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An Example of a 1×2 Bet

So what does 1×2 mean in betting? Let’s use and example of a game using this 1×2 soccer bet meaning. For example, we have a match total double meaning between Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League at Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium. The possible outcomes for this 1×2 bet type include a win for the home team (Man Utd), a draw or a win by the Away Team (Liverpool).

Each of these choices are assigned 1x2odds. Let’s say these are the odds listed:

1 – Man [email protected]

X – Draw @3.95

2 – Liverpool @ 5.70

What does 1 mean in betting? With Man Utd being assigned the lowest value in what’s 1×2 bet, it is the most likely event to happen. So, if you want to win with no stress, you can choose this outcome. However, this is not sure to win. Since the odds value is listed in decimal form, you just need to multiply the odds value with the wager. So if Man Utd wins and you bet $1000, your 1×2 bet means you get $1.43*100= $143 for a total payout of $243.

Next most likely result in this 1 x 2 betting scheme is a draw., which is assigned the value 3.95. Because the value of the draw is lower than the value of Liverpool winning, it may be better to bet on soccer of these of the two. If there is a draw and you wagered $100, you will win $395, for a total payout of $495.

But if you want to win more, you could place a 1×2 bet of an underdog, which is Liverpool this case. If you wager $100 on Liverpool and they win, you could get a huge payday of $570.

To know how much you will earn in a 1×2 betting tips prediction, simply multiply these odds by the amount you wagered.

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Combining the Two Outcomes of 1×2 Betting Tips Prediction

You could put together two of three possible results in a 1×2 bet with a double chance bet. You could either put a bet or 12, 1X or X2 double chance 1×2 bet meaning. They are the following:

12: Home win or away win

1x (Home or Draw);

X2 (Draw or away win)

Is soccer the only sports wherein 1×2 Betting is Used?

Football/soccer is the sought-after sport to use soccer odds 1×2 Betting. However, this type of wagering can be offered to sports including hockey, rugby and cricket.

1×2 Betting Free Tips

Please note that like other betting 1×2 tips, this type of bet applies to a 90-minute full game. Thus, the extra time beyond the game is not considered in the computation. If extra time or penalties are needed to decide a game, they will not be included in the odd 1×2 bets.

1 x 2 Betting: A Gateway to Winning Big

If you’re starting out in betting, or considering alternative ways aside from spread betting, you can’t go wrong with betting 1×2. You just need to guess the result of the match you bet on soccer after full time. It could also add a lot to your accumulator bet slip, especially if your 1×2 bet is the likely result. Look to our site for betting 1×2 tips and websites where you can bet on soccer with 1×2 betting!