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There are a lot of possible ways you could win money via soccer odds betting. Soccer offers several of those lines where you could actually win. These are soccer odds that cover everything. These include a common soccer score where both teams play to a draw. Let’s take a better look.

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What are Soccer Odd Bets?

Soccer bet odds are values released by sportsbooks on soccer games, which soccer betting odd bettors use as a basis for making guesses that could earn them money. Soccer bets odds such as soccer goal line, soccer odds lines and soccer spreads are formulated through scientific means.

Apart from knowing the game, soccer bet odds players also need odds understanding. Following the game from watching regularly, reading up on the latest news and more helps a lot.

What Does Full Time Mean in Soccer?

Half time and full time bets majority of soccer bet odds games are encompassed by regulation time of up to 90 minutes, together with stoppage time designated by officials in the match. As a result, a lot of betting is confined to that period of time.

There are, however, soccer betting pick matches wherein the teams get knocked out. These comprise two 15 minutes halves, also known as extra time. If there is still no winner, penalty kick shoot out will be needed.

3-Way Football Moneylines

The three-way moneyline give soccer bet odds players a chance to bet on the final score. You either pick the home winning or “1”, a draw or “x”, and a win by the away team or “2”.

Each of these sides are designated with betting odds soccer. Let’s take a look at one example:

  • Manchester City: 3.90
  • Manchester United: 1.81
  • Draw: 3.65

In this form of Euro betting odds, you just multiply the value by the amount you have wagered to get the amount you win.

Here, Manchester United is assigned the lowest soccer bet value. In this case, they are the team that are favoured to win. Thus they need more juice from the bettor. Manchester City have the highest value in the soccer spread betting, so a win by them is the least likely outcome in this case. The draw is the value in the middle, or the second most likely outcome.

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2-Way Moneylines

Here in this bet my line, the draw on the soccer goal line is removed from the option. Thus, each side is adjusted to show likelihood of win or loss. It is referred to mostly as a “draw no bet”. In this case the bookmaker will return your push bet in the event of a draw, giving you an insurance. They bet is usually shown as a bet “to progress”, or “to qualify”.

  • Liverpool: 1.82
  • Real Madrid: 2.08

Here in this knockout bet on line between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Liverpool are listed as the ones that will advance because of the smaller value. However, the difference between it and Real Madrid’s soccer odds today is very little, making this a good wager if you are betting on an underdog. Let’s compare it to this other tie:

  • Manchester City: 1.15 
  • RB Leipzig: 5.00

The larger disparity in soccer odds betting value between the favoured team of Man City and the underdog of Leipzig means that the match is lopsided and much of the odds are in favour of City. Leipzig do still have a chance of an upset in the soccer odds lines, even if it is very little. If they pull off the win, the test soccer betting on Leipzig will win much money (a $100 bet can win $500 for a total winnings of $600, as opposed to a $215 payday for City).

What’s Double Chance in Betting?

double chance soccer bet is when you bet on two things happening in a soccer odds line game in three possible scenarios. This is to ensure that you can win and be given two options to do so. Here are some examples of this bet:

  • Team A wins or Team B wins
  • Team A wins or draw
  • Team B wins or draw Like other soccer odds,

Soccer odds lines values may be lower here than for specific bets.

Bet Wisely on Soccer Odds Now

Becoming rich on test soccer betting requires patience and perseverance from those betting on it. So before going to your favourite soccer bet site and making a push in betting, make sure you follow all the soccer betting odds games and news, familiarize yourself with soccer odds lines and soccer spreads, and start with small amounts for accumulator bets so that you get a feel of it. Good luck with your soccer odds betting!



Association football, also known as soccer, is a game between two teams wherein each try to get the ball into a netted goal at the end of each pitch. They can use any body part to do this in the playing area except the arms and hands, and the foot is the most used part.

There are no quarters in soccer, only halves that are 45 minutes each with stoppage time determined by officials. In a knockout game, and a draw occurs, there will be push in betting for moneyline soccer odds bets. Extra time and penalties may be needed to settle the score.

Full time is when two halves totaling to 90 minutes of play are over.