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4D lottery has always been a big part of Singaporean players. Every person is looking forward to completing the game by finding the winning numbers. It’s also one of the rare forms of betting allowed in Singapore. Today, we will talk about the importance of 4D results, and why they are important to many.

History of 4D Lottery

4D TOTO Result was devised as a way for Singaporeans to have gambling legalized. The thing is, it is based in the lottery. In order to play the game, one has to select a four digit number from 0000 to 9999. The minimum cost is at $1, which includes GST. The draws are held on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday around 6:30 PM.

Twenty-three sets of winning 4D numbers along five prize categories are taken each draw. If you had made bets on any of the 4D numbers, you get a prize.

History of 4d Result Today 2021 Singapore Toto

Singapore also has an alternative type of lottery known as Toto. Here, you have to play six numbers listed between 1-49.

In order to play TOTO with 4D Result Today 2021 Singapore Toto, one must select 6 numbers between 1-49. The minimum cost is at SGD$1, with GST. Draws are held every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. A cascade draw is held, and the time will be at 9:30 PM. 6 numbers are drawn, together with one additional number are drawn each time. Should the chosen numbers have 3 of the winning numbers, you shall get the prize.

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Get in on with the 4D action as it happens…

When you follow 4D result today 2021 Singapore, you will notice that there are many draws taking place. You will get the result on three separate days, so you know there is something to play for.

Here are the steps to playing 4D, according to Singapore Pools:

  1. Make at least minimum stake of $1
  2. On the lottery page, select Bet Type from the dropdown list. You can select either Ordinary, System Entry, iBet or 4D Roll. You may only put in boards of the same bet on one page.
  3. Choose the draw days that you are putting bets for. You may opt to put bets on a one draw, two non-consecutive draws on all three Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday draws, or six straight draws (including the present draw). For 4D, you can only bet on one draw.
  4. Enter the numbers you want to put a bet on, and place your big and/or small stake. For Ordinary, System Entry and iBet, put in four digits. For the 4D Roll, place in three digits and one R.
  5. Redo the steps to place boards of a similar type. You can add up to 10 boards every time.
  6. Choose “Add to Bet Slip” to line up the bets in your bet slip.
  7. Verify your bet slip has your bets showing up accurately before selecting “Place bet”. Choose “Decline” if you want to review your bets, or choose accept to confirm “Bet Placement”
  8. Go to Transaction History to check on the bets.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 4D Result Today 2021 Singapore:

Is there a transaction fee for bet placement?

The answer is no. Bet placement has no transaction fee. But if you have a bank link, there will be a $0.10 fee for every payment made. The fee will go to third-party service providers and service administrators.

What 4D Result Bets Can Be Placed Online?

You may make Self-Pick Bets for Ordinary, System Entry, 4D Roll, iBet for draws on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

4D Result Today 2021 Singapore – What TOTO Bets can be placed?

You can place Self Pick bets for Ordinary, System Entry and System Roll for the current draw (Monday or Thursday). You can also place Quick Pick bets by bet type or bet amount.

How Can You Track Bets on Singapore Pools?

·         Via Website

After logging via the account, choose the icon next to the username. Choose Transaction History on the left navigation.

·         Via Mobile App

For website

After logging into your account, select the icon next to your username. Select Transaction History on the left navigation.

For mobile app

After logging into your account, click on the Account and select Transaction History.

You may then select the transaction history type you wish to view from the list or filter the time period or the specific types of transaction.

Note: When looking up the “Funds In/Out” view, the table may include bets that are still being processed.

It is advisable to click the ‘< ‘ icon (last column of the table, if you’re logged on using our website), OR tap to expand the individual bets (if you’re using the mobile app) to view bet details and status.

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