A challenge for any bettor is how to win football bets. With many people looking on how to bet on soccer, looking at the odds could be tricky. Despite varying degrees of talent, soccer can be unpredictable. Bottom teams like Nottingham Forest can beat top teams like Liverpool, messing up the popular bet, and ensuring a big payday for the opposite. So one careless move and you could lose in them. And that’s what makes the allure of how to bet on football and win great.

As the World Cup approaches, many bets will be pouring in for the games. A couple of folks would also want to know how to bet on soccer. But the question remains—how to win football bets? In this article, we will discuss the different football bets and improve your shot at winning them.

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What makes football betting lucrative in how to win football?

Sports fans are eager on how to win a football bet because of a lot of reasons. One is financial gains, plus sites that give football 1×2 betting tips. Football can indeed bring in lots of money to people.

Also, the best way to bet on soccer is something that gives people excitement. It is also something to do with friends. You will be rewarded greatly should you win, but don’t bet too much, as it will be risky.

Awesome betting markets/odds for football

One thing to remember on how to bet on soccer and win: There are several outcomes to a game. So, you would need to understand what you can do before you place a bet. As a betting guide football says, odds are treated as currency, with values given to various market options depending on who makes the books.

Here are the betting markets you can avail of when deciding how to bet on soccer and win.

  • 1×2 Betting: Here you will see tips on the outcome, or win draw win. It consists of a bet on a home win (1), a draw (X) and an away win (2). Odds are assigned to each of these selections, giving you an insight how to bet on football 2, 1 or X.
  • Correct score: This is a tricky betting type, where in you would have to guess the last score of a football match. There is no margin for error, thus bets are very high. One thing to keep in mind how to bet on soccer odds: the order of the numbers is important: the first number should pertain to the home team, while the second should pertain to the away team. Thus if you bet on a Manchester United-Liverpool game in Old Trafford and the score you predict is Man Utd 3, Liverpool 1, your bet should read “3-1”.
  • Over/UnderHow to win a bet on this betting type: you will need to guess if the total number of goals in the game is less than the number you pick. For instance, betting on above 1,5 goals means you would need at least two or more goals to win a bet. On the other hand, wagering on under 2.5 goals would need two or less goals to have a good outcome.
  • Both teams to score (BTTS).: This market is either known as GG/NG. How to win a football bet on this: You will have to bet on both teams scoring by selecting “Yes” or “No” options. “GG” means goal-goal saying that both teams will be on the scoresheet. “NG” meanwhile means “No-Goal”. In that case, neither team will be able to score
  • Double chanceThis is less risky than the match result option. However, the odds are lower. There are also three selections: 1X means a home win or draw, 12 means any team to win, and X2 means an away win or draw. So, how to win football bets on this type? Guess both outcomes correctly as possible.

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So What’s the Best Way How to Win Football?

While it can be risky, you can easily know football and even find out a way how to win a bet in it. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Place bets on tournaments you’re familiar with. Research them thoroughly, and get to know the teams well. If you know what the teams are capable, the faster you’ll be able to learn how to win football bets.
  • Have awareness of your bookmaker and their bet rules, as well as the minimum withdrawal and maximum bets allowed. Pay attention also to the terms on the bonus rollover, and how to settle a bet, so you have a clearer idea how to bet and win.
  • Also understand different football betting markets. These will guide be instrumental to you for well-informed choices and deciding the best way to bet on soccer. “Over 1.5” does not mean the same as “Over 1”. One goal scored will make you lose on the first bet, but you will win on the second bet.
  • Keep in mind the recent encounters of both squads and their head-to-head encounters, plus other important statistics. These will help you determine their form, and how to win a bet. You can look for such information on football betting sites.

Do’s and Don’ts on How to Win Football Bets


  • Doallot a weekly budget in betting
  • Domake use of the many market options
  • Dobet on famous tournaments, like the European leagues or the World Cup


  • Don’tbe concerned with your past losses, as you can lose a lot on the process.
  • Don’t place a specific outcome on two separate bets.
  • Don’t bet on a previous bias, and wager objectively

The Final Word on How to Win Football Bets

Knowing the different market options you have, including a good knowledge of teams and circumstances, will help answer how to win a football bet. The most important thing is to be in the moment, and have the perfect mixture of brainstorming and gut feel. Good luck!