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Most of you may be well aware now of the Singapore Pool lottery. There are people who like to bet on events in Singapore, and the Singapore Pools gives them the proper venue to do this. The game is legal and under the auspices of the country’s government.

Singapore Pools and Newtown Casino is filled with several betting options, such as sportsbetting, live dealer casino and slots. They are also filled with comprehensive odds for the racetrack. If you want to learn more about this amazing betting venue, we will give you more information about Singapore Pool History.

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How Singapore Pools Started:

Singapore Pools had its beginnings in 23 May1968 to stop illegal gambling in Singapore. This was the legal way to gamble, and it served to curb the other illegal gambling that was going on at that time.

Right now there are the sole providers of betting for sports. They provide odds for the following:

The odds are shown in an easy to use interface, and user just need to click on the odds options to make their picks.

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There are three lottery games that are operated by Singapore Pools:

  • Singapore 4D

In this lottery, you have to pick four. The numbers are draw every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Singapore TOTO

A type of lottery wherein you have to win 6 out of 49. It is drawn on every Monday and Thursday or Friday.

  • Singapore Sweep

This is a sweepstakes-style lottery drawn every first Wednesday of the month.

Singapore Pools are also exempted from the Remote Gambling Act 2014, giving it the chance to offer online and gambling via telephone.

What Type of Activities are covered by Singapore Pool History?

Here are just some of the activities in sports that are under Singapore Pool History:

  • Premier League – This is the most popular domestic league in the world, with teams competing such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and more.
  • UEFA Champions League – This is the most popular inter-nations league in the world, with the best leagues and players from England, Spain, Germany and many more compete for European glory!
  • National Basketball Association – This is the biggest basketball league in the world. It is based in the USA, and has the premier players in the sport like Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. It too has legendary teams like the Lakers and the Celtics.
  • Horse Racing – Horse racing is another game in Singapore Pool History that you can bet on. In races in Singapore you could wager on a pari-mutuel basis, and the balance is paid out as dividends to the victors after the deduction of commission and taxes. They accept bets such as Win, Roll Win, Place, Forecast, Place Forecast, Tierce, Trio, Quartet and Flexi-Quartet.

Singapore Pools App

Singapore Pools also has an app that you could download for betting. This is available both on iOS and Android. However, other betting and gaming apps also have that feature, and they also have that option with more features. Also, the app has had mixed reviews, as it has a long way to go before being adjudged as user-friendly.

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Singapore Pool History: It’s Not Your Only Option

While in Singapore Pool history, it is known as the legal Singaporean betting option. However, you too can bet on other venues for the sport. There are tons of sites and apps catering to SG betting. BetVision is one of them. It is easy to use, has providers from the best in the world, and is legal to play. Visit them now and bet to your hearts’ content.