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Soccer betting Singapore is one of the most sought after past-times in the city state. The country has a remarkable passion for soccer, or football as it is known here. Not only does it have its own league; it also follows the most popular leagues in the world. That is why many people would like to bet on.

On this site such as b9casino, we have come up with the best soccer betting destinations in Singapore. They contain updated odds and always follow the games as they happen.

A History of Soccer in Singapore

Being a former British colony, Singapore has had exposure to soccer, as it was invented by the occupiers. Soon the love of the game had gone into watching the game. The English Premier League is one of the most popular spectator games, with world renowned teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc.

However, other leagues have also become popular. Spain’s La Liga is another favourite, and its centrepiece has been the El Clasico fixture between Real Madrid and Barcelona. France’s Ligue 1 has also become popular because of teams like Paris Saint Germain and Marseille, as well as stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. The German Bundesliga also has its followers because of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Lastly, the best clubs from these leagues also compete against each other in the UEFA Champions League. 

Singapore also roots for its home team, and they compete in international competitions such as the World CUp the AFC Cup and the AFF Cup. They can also cheer on other teams like England, Brazil, France and more when they compete in the World Cup or the EURO. The country also has its own league, the Singapore Premier League, where a mix of local and foreign talents play in clubs and compete for the national championship.

Soccer Betting in the Country

Because of the popularity of soccer, many people looking for luck want to take a chance and bet on the results of the game. This is why they take to betting sites. 

However in Singapore, betting activity has been limited by the Remote Gambling Act. Through this law, Singapore issued a ban on every gambling activity, and have only allowed the Singapore Pools for betting on soccer and sports related matters.

But while public gambling is not allowed, there are also sites that cater to Singapore and do not operate within the island, thereby not connected to the ban. Also, gambling could be done in the comfort of your own home, so technically you are breaking no rules.

Types of Bets/Odds Available for Soccer

While fractional and moneyline odds are used often worldwide, here in Singapore, the decimal odds format is preferred. They are easy to understand, and you just need to multiply by the amount your wagered to get your total winnings.You can also choose to place your bet on either halftime (HT) or fulltime (FT) results. Here are just some of the bets offerings given by the largest sites:

  • Asian Handicap

This type of betting is similar to a point spread. The underdog is assigned the + value as they are less favoured to win the game and need a handicap. On the other hand, the favoured team is assigned a – value, since they need to be taken down a handicap to be on par with the opposing team. Applying the handicaps makes the bet exciting as a loss or draw is not an outright result, but still dependent on the bets.

  • Over/Under

This describes the total points result. You would choose if the sum of the scores would end up being over or under a number. Just like all types of the betting, the result of this will depend on luck and there is no guarantee of a bet winning.

  • 1×2

This is a straightforward bet. This type of betting requires choosing between one of the two teams, or a draw. It is very applicable to soccer betting since a game could end in a draw.

  • Parlay

The parlay is a combination of all the bets available. The most exciting bet is the parlay, because once one bet loses, the others lose too. It is what most veterans take on for high stakes!

In betting sites in Singapore, people have the option to do early market, or when the event goes live. This gives bettors time to think about the final bets that they will be making. Betting closes immediately when they are just a few minutes remaining in the game.

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