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Singapore football odds are among the bets that people of the city-state want to get into. Betting on them is one of the most challenging things, and it bodes well for people who want to profit from sports predictions. Singapore soccer odds are the most bet, as they combine the thrill of watching the most popular sports with earning great money from bets. But what exactly gets people into betting for Singapore Odds?

Here, we shall explore the different Singapore Pools Football Odds and Fixtures the reasons for betting on such. We also take a closer look at the online football betting odds community in Singapore, and how they help make this practice legal.

What Singapore Football Odds Sportsbooks Offer:

  1. Many Banking OptionsThe most important thing for online football betting is ease in deposit and withdrawing afforded by the football platform. The sportsbooks then give a variety of banking that is best for bettors in the country.
  2. Great Singapore soccer oddsOdds are needed to create a benefit and trueness for a wagering platform for bettors. 
  3. LegalityPutting your money on site with no license or regulated authority framework will lead to fraud. Thus, it is important to look at the license and registration of the site. 
  4. Promos of BettingUnlike other sites that publish SG soccer odds, the Singapore Pools does not include these on the site. 
  5. Ability to DO Mobile BettingWagering on the go offers more flexibility for any user. They need not be stuck on their own while playing, they could bet on the events while commuting or even on an outdoor trip. As long as there is a connection and the sportsbooks are available 24/7, you can bet on the Singapore soccer odds today.

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Kinds of Singapore Football Odds

Singapore soccer betting odds are usually announced to be available in the government-owned Singapore Pools. However, the odds are also available in websites that cater to the bettors in Singapore and Malaysia, such as BetVision.

The Asian Handicap may be the most familiar football odds Singapore type to bet on. This is because of the point spread system which is easy to determine. However, there are other odds that you can consider betting on, and including in your parlay bet. These odds are among the most bet on in the region, and we present this in detail for you.


This is a straightforward Singapore soccer odds betting type, with your selections being either a win for the home team (1) a draw, or a win by the away (team)

Pick the Score (PTS) or Fulltime PTS

For this Singapore football odd, the selections are based on a list of fulltime score outcomes along with home team wins, away team wins, draws and any other score (AOS) selection

Halftime-Fulltime (H-T)

For this bet, you need a little more guesswork. For this SG odds football type, there are selections such as the following:

  • Home Team leading at halftime and wins at full time. (H-H)
  • Home Team leading at halftime and draw at full-time. (H-D)
  • Home Team leads at halftime, and Away Team wins at fulltime. (H-A)
  • Draw at halftime, with Home Team winning at fulltime. (D-H)
  • Draw at halftime and draw at full-time. (D-D)
  • Draw at halftime and Away Team winning at fulltime. (D-A)
  • Away Team leading at halftime, and Home Team wins at fulltime. (A-H)
  • Away Team leading at halftime, and draw at fulltime. (A-D)
  • Away Team leading at halftime, and Away Team wins at fulltime.

Team to Score 1st Goal

This is a Singapore odds bet merely on who will score the first goal. Either the home team, away team, or “no 1st goal” are adjudged as the possible bets.

Team to Score Xth Goal

In this SG soccer odds bet, Xth Goals is the sequence of the next Valid Goal to be scored, wherein X is a whole number beginning from 1. The selections include Home Team, Away Team and No Xth Goal.

Team to Score Last

For this odd, this is to determine the team scoring for the last Valid Goal of the Match in Regulation Time. Selections include Home Team, Away team and No valid goals.

Total Goals

In this Singapore betting odds type, selections include any number of valid goals scored during the match in Regulation Time up to X, wherein the company determines X as a whole number to be determined by the company in its own discretion.

  • More than X Valid Goals scored in the Match during Regulation Time
  • No Valid Goals scored (“0 Goal”)

Total Goals Over/Under

For this Singapore soccer odds bet, the selections include “Over X” and “Under X” where X is a number of valid goals scored in the match during regulation time.

Total Goals Odd/Even

In this SG football odds type, you merely have to guess if the final sum of the scores is an odd or even number.

½ Goal

This Singapore football odds type is a little more complicated, with an extra handicap to each selection (“Home Team with positive/negative handicap X” and “Away Team with positive/negative handicap X’). Here, the handicap is applied to the score to determine if you have won the bet or not.

Handicap 1×2

This Singapore football odd pertains to the person who scores first in a match. The selections include: 

  • Names of players of the Home Team and Away Team whom the company names in their own discretion;
  • “Player Not Listed”
  • “No Goal”

“Own goals” are not counted in this soccer betting odds type; if ever an own goal is scored, the “No Goal” bet wins.

Last Goal Scorer

The following Singapore football odds type is similar to the 1st Goal Scorer type, except for the last goal. Just as in the 1st Goal scorer betting type, the “own goal” will not be counted. So if the only goal is an “own goal”, “No Goal” wins. Likewise, if the last goal is an “own goal”, the goal before that will be accepted as the actual last goal.”

Which Half More Goals

In this Singapore soccer betting odds type, you have to guess in which half has more goals. The selections here include First Half, Second Half or Both Halves Same. If a game ends in a 0-0 draw, the “Both Halves Same” bet wins.

Team to Win 2nd Half

In this soccer odd type, the team that scores the most valid goals in the second half wins. Your selections here include Home Team, Away Team and Draw. Any goals scored in the first half will be disregarded.

Will Both Team Score

For this Singapore football odds type, you just have two options: Yes or No. Also, only valid goals are accounted for. The goals scored during a penalty kick shoot-out are not Valid Goals.

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What Sports Do Singaporeans Bet On Aside From Football?

Here are just some of the Singapore sports odds that citizens and expats bet on aside from Singapore football odds.

  • Basketball – Despite not being as big as football, basketball is also popular and well regarded in the country. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular basketball league in the world, and talents such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry have made it a popular option for SGodds betting.
  • Cricket – Just like soccer odds today, cricket is garnering attention for being a huge sporting event, especially against neighbors Malaysia. You can place your bets on test matches, and also on renowned leagues such as the Indian Premier League. The Cricket World Cup is also another event people bet on.
  • eSports – In Asia, eSports are on the come-up as one of the best industries. Youngsters have teamed up to compete for eSports events, such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Warcraft and DOTA.

So Many Singapore Football Odds, So Much Excitement

The best thing about these Singapore soccer odds types is that you have more choices to place your bet on. You can even do multiple bets for a bigger chance of winning; however, you also have a chance of losing more. Even riskier is a parlay bet, wherein one loss affects the other Singapore betting odds wagers, but can pay off big when you win.

For this article, we only described the Singapore Pools football odds. However, there are other sportsbook odds in websites like BetVision that operate in Singapore that you could bet on. Examples include “Number of Corners”, “Which Team will Progress in X Tournament”, etc. These give you more options if you think you have a better shot at these. Don’t worry; it’s legal to bet in these Singapore soccer odds betting sites, and also safe and secure because of the 128-bit encryption. They also have trusted money deposit and withdrawal systems, and a 24/7 customer support system to answer your concerns.

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